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Health care organization sees an impressive 64% click-through rate with mobile landing pages

St John of God Health Care is one of the largest Catholic providers of health care services in Australia. Established in 1895, the organization employs more than 15,500 staff across Australia and New Zealand, operating 27 facilities comprising more than 3,300 hospital beds, as well as home nursing, disability services and social outreach programs.

The challenge

In early 2020, St John of God Health Care had trouble reaching health care providers who don’t have access to standard communication channels when outside of the hospital or workplace setting.

COVID changed the way that we needed to communicate with health care providers overnight.

Previously bulk communications would have been sent to a caregiver or Visiting Medical Officer’s (VMO) work email address. The challenge with work email is that there are a lot of people in our industry who would never access their work email from home because their jobs are based around patient care.

Brianna Lock, Project Lead, St John of God Health Care.

The solution

To address these communication challenges, during the pandemic, St John of God Health Care began sending group SMS messages. While SMS offered a quicker and more effective way to reach providers, they soon realized that standard text messages couldn’t accommodate the amount of information required.

Additionally, it was crucial for SMS communication to appear credible and convey a sense of trust and professionalism to ensure recipients knew that they were coming from a reliable source. With that in mind, the organization turned to mobile landing pages (MLP) to share large amounts of information in an easy-to-consume manner.

The result

After incorporating mobile landing pages into their communication efforts, the team at St John of God Health Care has seen outstanding results that exceeded their expectations, including:

Enriched messaging options.
St John of God Health Care created easy-to-follow and mobile-responsive landing pages designed to convey a large amount of information effectively.

Each landing page provided a consistent look and feel, as well as authoritative content that helped legitimize the campaign and build trust amongst the recipients.

When communicating via SMS it can be hard to demonstrate to recipients that the messages are official. The landing pages were customisable so we could use the right logos and the right colour scheme for the organisation so that recipients trusted the information was from St John of God Health Care

Brianna Lock, Project Lead, St John of God Health Care.

Increased engagement.
Through mobile landing pages, St John of God Health Care saw a big number of caregivers and Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs) reading and taking action on their communication across a variety of messages.

Did you know? SMS messages with more than 160 characters are billed as multiple-part messages, so they cost more to send. For longer messages or rich content, it’s generally cheaper to have a shorter SMS which introduces a mobile landing page. A mobile landing page can include pictures, your company logo, personalized headings, and an extra-long content body — write as much as you need!

Four real-world examples of how mobile landing pages helped St John of God Health Care increase customer engagement.

1. Detailed alerts and notifications

One of the main ways that St John of God Health Care uses mobile landing pages is to provide extended alerts and updates on important information that their audience needs.

The SMS sent to caregivers

The mobile landing page

In the message shown above:

  • 1,521 providers received an important COVID-19 update
  • 64.3% of the recipients clicked through rate to the mobile landing page
  • 271 of the mobile landing page readers clicked the button for additional information

2. Seamless event registrations

Mobile landing pages offer a valuable option for virtual and in-person event registration because you can showcase all of the event details in an easy-to-read format, with a clear call-to-action button.

The SMS sent to caregivers

The mobile landing page

When St John of God Health Care used a mobile landing page for this purpose, they experienced an above-average participation rate. In the message shown above:

  • 2,600 providers were given the opportunity to register for an upcoming vaccination clinic
  • 11.35% visited the link to learn more about the clinic
  • 177 providers registered to participate

3. Quick survey and feedback requests

St John of God Health Care also gave employees the opportunity to update their information.

The SMS sent to caregivers

The mobile landing page

In the message shown above:

  • 673 caregivers were asked to participate
  • 20.06% of the audience clicked through to the survey
  • 11.14% of visitors completed the form

4. Important task completion and submission requests

Finally, the team uses mobile landing pages to request and encourage providers and other employees to complete a specific action.

The SMS sent to caregivers

The mobile landing page

In the message shown above:

  • 937 providers received a message to submit their vaccination records
  • 56.8% of recipients clicked the link to view the landing page and submit their vaccine records

Enhanced cut-through.
In addition to enriched messaging options and increased engagement, mobile landing pages have allowed the organization to become more confident that its message will be received. When sending a string of SMS messages, deliverability can be impacted across carriers. But with succinct SMS messages pointed at an extended mobile landing page, St John of Health Care can ensure key messages and critical information is communicated while having peace of mind with the reliability of MessageMedia’s 99.9% network uptime.

Overall, it’s a very reliable way of getting the message out.

Brianna Lock, Project Lead at St John of God Health Care

Provider satisfaction.
Among the many benefits that St John of God Health Care has seen internally, they have also received positive feedback from its employees and provider network.

We’ve had good feedback that our messages look smart, match our branding, and capture a good amount of information.

Brianna Lock, Project Lead at St John of God Health Care

Working with MessageMedia

MessageMedia has been great. Especially the support team. I have always found them to be really helpful when I’ve called.

Brianna Lock, Project Lead at St John of God Health Care

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