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3 min read | December 9, 2022

In a sea of digital apps and tools, rating #1 for customer satisfaction is no tall feat. But that’s what Fin365 has done – and it’s easy to see how. 

Fin365 is a software provider for the financial services industry, based on a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power platform technologies.

As Founder and CEO Stephen Handley explains, Fin365 customizes those generic tools for financial services businesses. It adds the bits its customers really need – connection and integration to other systems. Clients get better data flow – and boosted engagement. 

Omnichannel demands out-of-the-box integrations

It’s a bit of a buzzword, but omnichannel communication is where it’s at. It’s another way of saying people want to engage with businesses the same way they chat with family and friends: on the platform that suits them. 

That’s why Fin365 clients are increasingly asking for SMS integration, but it’s not an off-the-shelf function of Dynamics, Stephen explains.

Some customers were after automation and templates – for example, birthday messages or appointment reminders. 

Having inbuilt SMS would also let them better track and record those comms already happening over text. In financial services, having that record can be mission-critical. 

“Getting consent or approval is a big one,” says Stephen. “If a text message on an advisor’s phone doesn’t get recorded in the CRM, it can be a compliance problem down the track. There’s also a quality assurance component to it.”

Triple win: service, tech and price

Stephen says he’d found it “surprisingly difficult to find a partner” who could deliver the functionality his customers were asking for, along with the service and support Fin365 needed. 

“We had a partner whose technical solution was pretty good, but we couldn’t for the life of us get them to provide the necessary level of service,” he explains. 

“When a customer had a question, or there was a billing issue, we’d have to play intermediary.”

That all changed when they started working with MessageMedia.

While MessageMedia’s per-SMS price was very competitive, the service it could provide added the biggest pull for Fin365. 

That good first impression was reinforced by feedback from Fin365 clients already using MessageMedia as a standalone platform.

Fast wins are just the start

While Fin365 is just getting started with MessageMedia, it’s already seeing benefits from the new partnership. 

Stephen points to a client’s recent experience – they were already rolling out with the previous provider when MessageMedia stepped in. 

“We introduced the customer to MessageMedia, who then handled the onboarding and set up.  We’ve had great feedback – the onboarding went smoothly, which was further reinforcement that MessageMedia would deliver the necessary level of service.”

Stephen Handley, FIN365 CEO

Stephen can see that MessageMedia’s support will let Fin365 standardise some of those common automations and roll them out to more customers. 

“As a collective of tech partners, if we’re making the lives of the end consumer better, we’re all going to win. This is just the start – we’ll be working on making the partnership and the integrations stronger and better.

Ready to roll?

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