Milan Laser saves time, and improves customer satisfaction with SMS.

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Milan Laser is rapidly growing, adding 100 new clinics in 2023 with more planned for 2024. But their manual customer communications (mostly via phone) and accounts payable processes were anything but rapid … and were slowing the company down. Milan Laser needed an automation solution to solve payment issues, onboard clients, and keep growing efficiently.

The challenge: Rapid growth, manual communication.

Milan Laser’s manual processes weren’t keeping pace with their growth. They were manually handling treatment reminders, consultation follow-ups, and accounts receivable notifications with phone calls leading to inefficiencies — and the potential for missed interactions. They needed a more streamlined, automated, and consistent communication process.

It’s just easier to text back and forth with someone, especially if they’re at work or busy throughout their day. SMS is definitely the way things are going.

Debbie Jensen, Senior Salesforce Administrator, Milan Laser

The solution: Time-saving texts.

Milan Laser turned to Sinch MessageMedia to address these challenges and implement a comprehensive solution. Sinch MessageMedia Mercury SMS for Salesforce automated their communication workflows, including SMS messages for treatment reminders, consultation appointments, and accounts receivable notifications. The automation not only saved significant time, but also ensured a consistent and personalized experience for each client.

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Treatment reminders automation.

Automating treatment reminders significantly reduced the workload for clinic staff, saving approximately two hours a day for busy clinics. This resulted in improved efficiency and the seamless delivery of timely reminders for clients. With 320+ clinics, that’s 640 staff hours saved per day, thanks to Sinch MessageMedia.

Consultation follow-ups.

The automated reminders for consultation appointments streamlined the new client onboarding process, ensuring new clients were well-prepared for appointments and allowing an easy transition, from text, to calls with staff, to in-person visits. Because of the nature of the procedures, this personal touch was important for customers and helped Milan Laser create a great user experience from start to finish. This increased customer satisfaction and helped set the stage for Milan Laser’s planned new clinics in 2024.

Accounts receivable notifications.

Milan Laser automated accounts receivable notifications, leading to a more proactive approach in handling payment issues. This resulted in increased on-time payments and saved the accounts receivable team about two hours a day.

And the automation meant clients on monthly payment programs could easily and quickly change their credit cards if payments didn’t go through, resulting in a better overall customer experience.

It’s kind of crazy to me when I realize how much of this was just being done manually, and the hours that was taking for clinic people and our call center and our accounts receivable team. And now it’s automated and that’s great.

Debbie Jensen, Senior Salesforce Administrator, Milan Laser

The results: Streamlined processes, happier customers

Sinch MessageMedia Mercury SMS for Salesforce helped transform Milan Laser’s client communication and payment collection processes. The automation of treatment reminders not only saved busy clinics about two hours every day, but also ensured clients received timely appointment reminders.

Automated pre-and post-appointment messages enhanced the onboarding process, preparing clients for personal calls and appointments and elevating overall satisfaction. And automated accounts receivable notifications lead to increased on-time payments and reduced workload for the accounts receivable team.

Sinch’s integration with Salesforce’s Omni-Channel feature empowered Milan Laser to efficiently manage voice calls, SMS, and cases, further optimizing the functionality of their call center.

What’s next?

With less time spent on manual communication and payment processing, Milan Laser is poised for even more growth. After adding 100 clinics in 2023, they plan to add another 100 in 2024.


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