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NetSuite: the top 10 benefits of SMS

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3 min read | Amanda Ranville wrote in blog on July 25, 2022

Text messaging is how people frequently communicate with friends and family, causing some to assume that business texting is intrusive. Yet, several surveys and studies reveal that the opposite is true.

For example, more than 70% of consumers prefer to receive SMS from companies than other forms of communication, like emails and phone calls, because it’s easier for them to review and respond to the message. And if knowing consumers prefer text communication isn’t convincing enough, here are the top 10 benefits of adding SMS to your NetSuite.

The top 10 reasons to start texting today


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Get closer to your customers

SMS messages reach customers where they already are, on their phones. This is why over 90% of messages are read within 90 seconds. Dramatically increase your open rates with SMS and generate greater response rates than emails or phone calls.


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Offer unmatched customer support

Increase customer satisfaction by improving their support experience with text messages. Phone calls require time and attention, and online chats mean being glued to a computer browser, but with SMS, customers can get answers to their questions wherever they are, whenever it is convenient for them.


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Streamline and automate your business

Save time and energy by setting up automated workflows and scheduling messages so that they send routinely either on a calendar basis or when an action has occurred. You can also create a library of custom templates for common messages, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.


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Increase employee satisfaction

Anticipate your customers’ needs by automatically alerting them about changes in their order status. When you send SMS updates, you can greatly reduce the number of email and phone call inquiries your support employees are taking, making for a happier team.


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Cut through the noise to boost your ROI

SMS messages reach customers better and have a 23.3% conversion rate, making it an effective and cost-efficient channel. That high cut-through translates into a greater return on investment for your business.


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Maintain communication visibility

Adding another communication channel shouldn’t complicate your existing system or be another item for you to keep track of. When you add texting through NetSuite, you can see your SMS messages in one place, right alongside your other communication. whenever it is convenient for them.


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Lower your admin costs

Drive cost savings across your business. Our NetSuite customers have reduced administrative and agency costs by up to 50% simply by managing customer conversations using two-way messaging.


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Be more personal

SMS offers a more personalized and one-on-one experience for customers than mass email sends do. Customize your messages to grab attention and speak directly to the customer, leading to even greater open rates.


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Reach your business goals

The opportunities to include SMS for your business are endless. Text messages can reduce appointment and shift no-shows by up to 50%. They can also reduce abandoned carts and increase sales, which means that SMS can help you achieve your business objectives.


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Partner with industry experts

The MessageMedia team is there for you, every step of the way. Our team members are not only experts in SMS but also experts in NetSuite and SMS compliance. We can help you do more through SMS.

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