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7 incredible benefits of bulk SMS marketing

Brands and marketers are racing to leverage the booming SMS market, projected to reach 90B USD by the end of 2027. The easiest way to start is by utilizing the power and effectiveness of SMS for your marketing strategy.

Let’s look at all the benefits you’ll get from implementing SMS marketing in your business today:

Benefits of SMS marketing

Ramp up results with high cut-through

It’s noisy out there for marketers. Despite multiple channels, it’s harder to grab consumer’s attention (and wallets). In this case, nothing is more powerful than a simple text message.

Image showing 20% open rate for email vs 98% SMS open rate

Did you know customers open 90% of their messages within 90 seconds? Younger generations prefer to interact with brands via their mobile device, which is always close at hand. With a cut-through of 390% higher than email channels and instant delivery, rest assured, customers will see it.

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Cut costs with an affordable SMS plan

Marketing budgets are tightening and business owners and executives are expecting better results from their investments. One great thing about this form of marketing is how cost-effective it is for any business.

With most messages costing just a few cents and plans starting from less than $50 a month — there is room for any business to leverage the power of text messaging.

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Deliver unbelievable ROI with text messaging

Given its high cut-through, swift conversion rates and low cost, SMS can deliver out-of-this-world ROI. Whether that’s responses, click-throughs or order fulfilment, text messaging has your back no matter your objectives.

Graphic showing ROI across different industries: 

Hospitality 33x ROI 
Ecommerce 120x ROI 
NFP 500x ROI 
Retail/ecommerce 1000x ROI

Sell out in seconds

Make it happen with SMS marketing

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Ease of implementation and integrations with a bulk SMS service

With text messaging, you can set up an account in less than a minute and start sending within 30 minutes. For time-poor marketers, this is advantageous as many systems and marketing tools can take months to understand and learn.

MessageMedia’s integration for HubSpot solves many of the problems we were having with our communications being on multiple platforms.

Jobeth Harvey, Vinomofo

If you prefer to continue work from within your current systems, text messaging can integrate into them. Have developers? Build a custom integration. Don’t have them? Choose from our existing marketplace, including HubSpot, Shopify, NetSuite, Adobe and more!

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Benefit from dynamic bulk text use cases

There are limitless opportunities to utilize text messaging to promote your product and service from discounts, new product lines, and event invitations to your target audience.

Graphic showing SMS marketing use cases – abandoned cart recovery, text updates, two-way messaging, text drip campaigns, feedback surveys, back-in-stock notifications, new product lines.

Don’t limit yourself to the usual use cases! Some businesses are using two-way texting to keep conversations ongoing or SMS reminders to recover abandoned orders.

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Access quick and easy personalized messaging

Consumer expectations are on the rise. Whether new or existing customers, they dislike mass campaigns and feel that marketing communications should be more personalized and relevant in the era of information sharing. This shift means traditional techniques are not as effective as they were before.

An image showing how to use personalisation inside the MessageMedia portal

Customize your messages with ease, using personalized fields as part of our text messaging service. You can automatically populate messages with receiver data such as first name, mobile number, email, date of birth, and so much more. With other integrations such as Shopify, you can even add unique discount codes.

Add value and effectiveness to existing channels

Text messaging’s power can strengthen existing channels. For example, if customers are not engaging with your emails, add an urgent text follow-up. Use social media to get customers to opt-in for alerts to flash sales or early sales via SMS messaging.

Image showing Email + SMS = 21% conversion uplift

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Market, convert and sell better

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Final thoughts, further reading

Whatever your budget or objectives, SMS is a wise and easy addition to any marketer’s toolkit. From delivering high ROI to its versatility across use cases, you can make it work for you and your business. Sign up for a free trial or get in touch with one of our messaging specialists now.

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