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6 ways to revamp your business messaging for the new year

Are you using the same old approaches for your business but expecting different results? The new year is a great time to grow your business by engaging your audience in new ways that boost conversions and make your brand memorable.

1. Catch customer attention with mobile landing pages

Mobile landing pages stand out with great imagery, customized previews, and tailored landing pages with buttons that drive action.

Customers such as The Athlete’s Foot, Everthought, Success Resources and others have found great results with higher conversions than previous marketing campaigns.

Or capture customers with new year resolutions, with images that inspire, such as gym or fitness membership specials or offers.

2. Convert abandoned carts to sales

With so many shopping occasions before the holiday season, customers are sure to have abandoned items in online shopping carts.

Secure the sale with SMS marketing automation, which sends an automated message to make the sales process easy for the customer.

3. Integrate SMS with your existing systems

Save time and increase efficiency by integrating SMS with your current system, such as Adobe, NetSuite, and many more. This will automate delivery notifications, alerts, welcome messages, surveys, promotions, check-in messages and more.

4. Send in bulk, but personalize

Still deliver a personalized message to each of your customers but save time with bulk emails. Read our 12 tips here to make the most of your bulk send campaign.

5. Keep staff in the picture

Make sure your teams know what’s happening with seamless employee notifications. Use SMS for meeting or task reminders, project updates to relevant stakeholders, latest supply chain notifications, and company-wide communications.

6. Payment reminders

Still chasing invoices from last year? SMS payment reminders prompt higher payment rates within shorter time frames, as experienced by both Synergy and Jacaranda Finance.

Make it even easier for customers with mobile landing pages to deliver payment reminders, with call-to-action buttons that link to a payment portal or enable the customer to call customer service with a single tap.

Find out how!

Make sure your business is off to a great start in 2020, using business messaging that delivers a cost-effective solution and great results.

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