Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all Sinch MessageMedia UK customers who sign up to the Service on or after 6 June 2024. All customers that signed up prior to this date are subject to terms and conditions located here.

This Agreement is entered into between Sinch Sweden AB (SINCH) and Customer, together referred to as the “Parties” and each a “Party”. As the account creator, you represent and confirm to SINCH that:

(1) you are the duly authorised representative and signatory of the Customer to act for and on behalf of the Customer to enter into the Agreement; and

(2) all information provided by you is complete, up to date and accurate.

The Agreement shall be effective on the date at which time the account is created and verified.

The Services are governed by and incorporate the following documents in effect as of the date of the creation of the account (“Effective Date”):

General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”)https://messagemedia.com/uk/legalone/general-terms-and-conditions/
Social Channel Supplemental Terms and Conditionshttps://messagemedia.com/uk/legalone/social-channel-supplemental-terms-and-conditions/
Messaging Supplemental Terms and Conditionshttps://messagemedia.com/uk/legalone/messaging-supplemental-terms-and-conditions/
SaaS Supplemental Terms and Conditionshttps://messagemedia.com/uk/legalone/saas-supplemental-terms-and-conditions/
WhatsApp Business APIhttps://messagemedia.com/uk/legalone/whatsapp-business-api/
Billing and Credit Terms and Conditionshttps://messagemedia.com/uk/legalone/billing-and-credit-terms-and-conditions/
Acceptable Use Policyhttps://messagemedia.com/uk/legalone/acceptable-use-policy/
Additional Security Terms Applicable to Use of APIhttps://messagemedia.com/uk/legalone/additional-security-terms-applicable-to-the-sinch-messagemedia-api/
Reseller and Additional Product Termshttps://messagemedia.com/uk/legalone/reseller-and-add-on-product-terms-and-conditions/
Data Protection Agreement (“DPA”)https://messagemedia.com/uk/legalone/data-protection-agreement/
Privacy Noticehttps://messagemedia.com/uk/legalone/privacy-policy/
  1. Unless expressly defined in the specific document or a contrary intention appears, capitalized terms defined in the Agreement have the meaning set out in the GTC.
  2. If your Order Form does not specify a minimum term, states that there is no minimum term, or is described as month-to-month, casual or no contract or similar, either party may terminate the Agreement on 30 days’ notice at any time without penalty.
  3. SINCH may modify any fees in its sole discretion upon written notice in accordance with the terms of Section 13.5 of the GTC (Notices). The parties agree that for the purposes of notice under this Section, such notice may be given by email and that notice shall be deemed to have been given once the email is dispatched from the SINCH email server.
  4. In the context of this Service, it has specifically been agreed that:
    • (a) The definition of “Order Form” in the GTC expressly includes online sign-up or e-form;
    • (b) Customer must take steps to prevent unauthorised access to a Service and ensure that best security practices are followed, for example, by using strong passwords, not disclosing Customer’s login credentials, by securing any web APIs, and by implementing multi-factor authentication. Customer indemnifies Sinch against any Claim, cost, loss or liability which may arise in connection with Customer’s failure to comply with Customer’s obligations under this clause.
    • (c) Customer represents and warrants that:
      • i. Customer is engaged in a lawful business and is duly licensed to conduct such business under the laws of all jurisdictions in which Customer conducts business; and
      • ii. all statements made by Customer in this Agreement, or in any other document relating hereto by Customer or on Customer’s behalf, are to the best of Customer’s knowledge true, accurate and complete.
    • (d) Clause B1.1(d) of the Messaging Supplement does not apply to this Service.
    • (e) References to “Dashboard” in the Messaging Supplement are to be read as a reference to the Sinch MessageMedia web portal interface.