Quadient SMS integration helps global insurer to meet its omnichannel vision

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5 min read | March 22, 2024

In late 2019, Quadient, business solution provider for meaningful customer connections, introduced MessageMedia to a multinational firm and insurance provider who serves millions of customers in over 40 countries.

The provider offer services from life insurance to employee benefits and annuities. Relying on SMS to send their largely claim-based customer communications through Quadient’s Inspire Messenger platform, they are always keen to ensure their messages deliver real impacts for their customers.

The challenge 

In a landscape where email is the default  ‘go-to’ channel for internal and external communications, SMS has established itself as a powerful way for businesses to contact customers or internal audiences. Enabling organisations to manage, schedule send and track personalised SMS messages is essential – and is part of what Quadient’s Inspire Messenger platform does. Crucially, Inspire offers SMS as one one of many other channels, rather than a standalone offering – a demand that many more organisations are starting to expect.

That’s why one of Quadient’s long-time customers, a large global insurance provider – knew they were able to offer robust SMS delivery options, including delivery tracking, as part of its omnichannel communications approach. To support this, Quadient leveraged its integration with B2B messaging provider MessageMedia, quickly enabling the new channel without any additional integration, upgrade and testing overhead for the insurer.  

The solution 

With its impressively high hit rate, SMS is perfectly suited for ‘calls to action’, from payment reminders to updates on where the user is on their customer journey. Its popularity is growing, with MessageMedia alone sending 150 million messages per month on customer’s behalf. SMS’s power to engage audiences is what led the insurer to prioritise the channel within its customer communications strategy.

Our Inspire platform offers a sophisticated SMS service. This particular insurer is able to track the delivery status, manage the messages before and after they have been sent, and view detailed statistics about delivery and response in  real-time

Most crucially, Quadient Inspire can provide our customers with additional communication channels such as print, email, mobile, social media and even WhatsApp if necessary, providing greater channel preference for end customers, and more customer-centric experiences,” said Dheeren Gorecha, Regional Pre-Sales Leader at Quadient.

The Quadient-MessageMedia integration allows the insurer to manage its communications from a central platform, meaning customised SMS messages are  sent for each user and coherent with communications from other channels. It ensures communications are no longer sent on a ‘fire and forget’ basis – and this personalised delivery can be executed with minimal effort from the business.  

SMS is the most simple but powerful means of delivering messages that are relevant, engaging and, most importantly, likely to be read,” said Luke Jenkins, UK Regional Manager at MessageMedia.  

The results 

The insurer has been able to move beyond simple print communications to reap the rewards of a unified omnichannel communications  platform, including SMS. It can ensure messages that are sent are relevant, personalised, and consistent. Quadient’s Inspire platform gives the insurer a single pane-of-glass view into its customer communications, with the MessageMedia integration ensuring that SMS messages are coordinated and tracked through a centralised approach.  

Our insurance customer has a quick, reliable and secure method of communicating with customers, offering unparalleled engagement where SMS isn’t just a single isolated communication channel, but part of a broader strategy

The customer can send SMS messages straight out of the box to communicate key information with its clients, and when we first suggested the MessageMedia integration, the insurer could get it up and running with no interruption in service. This has helped it move beyond just print methods of communication, and integrations like these go to show the strength SMS truly offers when combined with other channels,” said Dheeren.

The insurance provider needed to offer reliable, futureproofed omnichannel customer communications, which is precisely what the Quadient and MessageMedia integration  delivered.  

In addition to utilising the Inspire platform’s full capabilities, this insurer also recognised the support, enablement and expertise from the Quadient and MessageMedia relationship, bringing together two leaders in their respective fields.  

Luke added, “We value collaborating directly with the customer and solution providers, such as Quadient, to really understand the challenges they face and the outcomes they’re looking to achieve. This allows us to take a holistic view of a customer’s communication strategy and make technical recommendations as well as share industry best practices.”  

Looking to the future, Dheeran concluded: “We’re looking forward to seeing how our Inspire platform will continue providing customers with a robust, versatile and integrated SMS solution as part of their pursuit for second to none customer experiences.”  

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