Leading hospitality platform ensures superior service with SMS for hotels

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3 min read | July 11, 2021

Alice (formerly GoConcierge) is a web-based task-tracking and database solution for concierges and other departments including guest services, front desk, shipping and receiving, and restaurants. It is used by more than 900 hotels in 50 countries worldwide.

Founded in 2000, GoConcierge has quickly become the hospitality industry’s premier information and special services solution.

With major global clients ranging from select-service hotels to full-service luxury hotels, the company delivers automated technology applications, such as task tracking, guest request monitoring, and other operational functions, that enable concierge and guest services teams to provide exceptional levels of service to their guests.

Automating client communications to increase efficiency

For GoConcierge, the inability to automate certain components critical to client communication efforts meant that concierge and guest services staff were spending additional time on their own personal devices to send reservation confirmations, follow up on guest requests and track transportation requirements.

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In an industry where a prompt response can mean the difference between a satisfied customer and a disgruntled one, GoConcierge needed a solution that would allow the company’s global clients to send messages to customers quickly and easily while also tracking the delivery of those messages and their replies.

Quick, seamless integration with a dependable SMS provider

Recognising that a cloud-based platform would deliver the speed, reliability, and enterprise-grade capabilities that GoConcierge required, the company selected MessageMedia’s application programming interface (API) solution for its functionality and flexibility.

A pioneer in developing a two-way application-to-person SMS service for global enterprises, MessageMedia enabled GoConcierge to quickly and seamlessly integrate the power of SMS into its existing platform.

Seamless integrate SMS today.

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The detailed and dynamic reports available through MessageMedia’s solution provide GoConcierge’s clients with immediate message statistics and information about how effectively their communications are working to meet their customers’ needs. In addition, the dependability of MessageMedia’s redundant network and unique ‘heartbeat’ system provides peace of mind for GoConcierge.

In the event of a carrier-level issue, MessageMedia’s solution automatically redirects messages to an alternate route to ensure the messages are still delivered quickly, no matter where the recipients are in the world.

SMS adds value and increases efficiencies

GoConcierge’s success relies in large part on its ability to provide value-added functionality that can increase operational efficiencies for its hospitality clients. By integrating MessageMedia’s real-time text messaging capabilities into the state-of-the-art GoConcierge application, GoConcierge is enabling its clients to more effectively engage with and respond to their customers.

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Now, GoConcierge’s clients can dedicate their attention to delivering a superior guest experience without being concerned about whether guests receive the communications they need to enjoy their stay.

GoConcierge is committed to delivering exceptional technology coupled with exceptional support to our clients. We value our relationship with MessageMedia and believe we share the same goals when it comes to meeting the needs of our clients. We truly value MessageMedia as a partner in our business.

Adam Isrow, Founder and Executive Vice President of GoConcierge

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