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MessageMedia is now Sinch MessageMedia.

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News & announcements 7 min read | Amanda Ranville wrote in blog on June 27, 2023

Today, MessageMedia is proudly becoming Sinch MessageMedia. Two years ago, MessageMedia was acquired by Sinch – the company that powers meaningful conversations between businesses and their customers through its Customer Communications Cloud.

Since then, we’ve been hard at work and have exciting updates that go far beyond a new logo. We’ve made some big changes that make it even easier for businesses of any size to engage with customers.

Our intelligent SMS marketing increases productivity, saves time, and boosts ROI – thanks to features like automated customer alerts, personalised messages, or two-way customer communication. Add to that our seamless integration with just about any major CRM, ERP, ecommerce, and marketing automation platform – and you can see how our customers get results.

So, if you want to simplify and improve operations, reduce costs, and increase sales, you’re in the right place.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. What’s so different with Sinch MessageMedia? A lot.

1. We make it easy – to get started, so you can more meaningfully engage with your customers.

We’ve added features that let you segment and personalise communications, and make you go “ah-ha!” Now it’s even easier to have two-way conversations via: 

  • An intuitive, revamped user interface with a clean new look and new navigation. 
  • A super customised contact segmentation that simplifies customer relationship management. Think hyper-targeted personalisation and authentic conversations at scale. 
  • A brand-new mobile app for business messaging on the go.     
  • A hassle-free number verification process for new users to get up and running quickly. 
  • And, the cherry on the top – access to popular social channels. Because we’re no longer just SMS. You can now connect WhatsApp, Instagram, and more in seconds, and bring all your omnichannel messaging communications together in one place.

And if you want to chat with a human – no worries. We’ll always have someone to help get you set up and guide you on the best way to use our platform.

Sinch MessageMedia dashboard on laptop

2. We make it easy – to work with your existing tech stack. 

Here’s the thing. We have 85+ integrations, including HubSpot, NetSuite, Zoho, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Salesforce. That means you can easily add the most trusted and breakthrough form of communication – messaging – to your existing tech stack. Because what counts is making the right connection.


Our integration with Shopify (and other leading ecommerce software) reimagines the way retailers interact with customers, in-store and online. For starters, it brings together two-way messaging, social media engagement, landing pages, chat, and automation. All the good things.

Targeted, personalised campaigns? Check. Improved abandoned cart recovery via SMS? Yes. Engaging with your customers across platforms is the way to go.

Let’s break it down even further.

Personalise engagement. The integration lets sellers reply to DMs directly on Instagram and Messenger, via one inbox. And that’s the personal touch that cuts through. Real-time synchronisation with Shopify stores means you can set up automated replies, send out or schedule targeted campaigns, and analyse engagement and campaign success.

Boost revenue. With the rise of mobile retail shopping and text messaging’s high open rates, you can effectively build customer lists and loyalty. That, in turn, helps with personalised automation and campaigns, including abandoned cart recovery.

Seize every interaction. Everyone loves an offer. Attract customers via Chatbox to SMS, a dynamic chat bubble that engages and captures essential contact details at the same time – the ideal mix of customer engagement and lead generation.


Our deep SMS for HubSpot integration continues to evolve, with new capabilities and use cases added monthly across the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. 

The latest improvements are going to make Sales teams and Executives very happy. Because we’ve got exciting updates in Deal records (now the one place to view communications, have one-to-one conversations, and set up automatic notifications) and Reporting (we’re talking in-depth insights into text messaging performance, conversions, and click-through rates). So you don’t miss a beat.


We are the only SMS service natively integrated with NetSuite – and we’re 5-star rated. So, what does this mean? It means you can send personalised messages based on customer data (such as order history or preferences) from the software you already use. Easy.

Our latest updates let you keep things separate with multiple Sender IDs and help reduce bill shock with Unicode character count.


Our native integration, SMS for Zoho CRM, is the 2nd top extension listed in the Zoho Marketplace^. Hooray! (Pssst. Making instant connections is going to reach further, very soon.) But for now, the latest product updates let you message customers faster and easier. 

Want to set workflow rules and automate SMS, without any guesswork? Need to send a bulk SMS campaign to more than 5,000 contacts at once? Well, now you can. 

And with a faster loading interface, you can connect with your customers instantly via Sinch MessageMedia’s embedded inbox. And you can do it all via templates – ready to go.

Netsuite and HubSpot SMS integrations on computer screens

3. We make it easy – to work with other Sinch products.

Sinch’s global super network powers over 700 billion messages each year – that’s more than 6,000 per second. The high volume gives Sinch, its partners and clients around the world, the scale that keeps everyone happy, with cost per transaction down, and quality up.    

That’s why IDC recently named Sinch as a leader in the CPaaS space, with Courtney Munroe saying, “Consider Sinch when you are a globally operating company and are looking for a CPaaS provider with a deep, global coverage and a robust portfolio spanning basic communications APIs as well as low/no-code and SaaS solutions with profound marketing and customer engagement capabilities.”   

What’s more, Sinch was also named Adobe’s Digital Experience Technology Partner of the Year in April. Fun fact, Sinch has powered Salesforce since 2014, helping it reach its global customer base via enterprise-grade messaging. 

It’s safe to say we’ve made some noise this year. And at Sinch MessageMedia, we’re bringing all the pieces together. Starting with email contact sync with Mailjet. And, coming soon, Sinch Voice customers will be able to easily add messaging with Sinch MessageMedia.

So what does this all mean? The customers win.

We’ve got thousands of customers worldwide using us to grow their businesses, save time, and thrive.  

A speciality gift basket company saw 50% revenue growth in 12 months by adding SMS to its solution. A healthcare organisation can more efficiently communicate with healthcare providers by incorporating Sinch MessageMedia’s mobile landing page solution. And an appliance wholesaler quickly managed and communicated customer notifications for 400,000+ products via SMS, within NetSuite.

Watch this space. We’re just getting started.

We’re continually making it easier for businesses – of any size – to engage in meaningful conversations. Through integrations with your existing technology, via social-conversational channels (like Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Google’s Business Messages), or a new omnichannel inbox that powers the future of conversational commerce across all messaging channels.

Because we know that success is possible in a multichannel, conversational future, we’ll pull all the channels – messaging, email, voice, and social – into one powerful but accessible Sinch MessageMedia platform. And we’ll bring Sinch’s global super network strength to all this, breaking down silos across channels and tech stacks.

^Zoho’s place as second top extension is based on the number of reviews, by volume of instals.

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