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What’s New: Structure your account to suit your business with sub-accounts

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Advanced SMS guides News & announcements 4 min read | Sinch Messagemedia wrote in blog on April 1, 2021

When you’re managing a large team, having more choice and control over the structure of your messaging tool’s account can be an incredible boon for your business. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our most recent feature release, and we’ve improved sub-account flexibility and structure to suit your business.

What is a sub-account

A sub-account is a smaller or separate account that sits beneath or within a larger account. It is usually managed by an administrator above the sub-account or who owns the master account.

Having multiple levels of sub-accounts for your MessageMedia account can help you manage complex needs while distributing access securely across your enterprise. It also allows you to track SMS use, performance and budgets, whether looking at the business overall or one specific sub-account team. 

With advanced reporting to match, you have greater visibility and flexibility over your service to improve and iterate on current operations and processes.

Let’s look at an example.

How sub-accounts can work for you

Imagine that you are the head of a national retail chain using text messaging across their entire business to communicate with customers and staff. Multiple departments and stores use the same parent account to send messages. This has caused many challenges in managing SMS campaigns and their budgets. It has also become tricky tracking data, delivery and performance, which has impacted your business’s ability to engage its customers effectively.

With our new sub-accounts structure, you can segment your account with greater flexibility and customisation to suit your needs. Instead of having just one sub-account per region for both offices and stores, you can now create additional sub-accounts going up to five levels deep.

In this case, each store could create its own sub-accounts for specific teams or use-cases (e.g. marketing, rostering, orders etc.). This could help limit access, keep contact information clean or enable better segmentation regarding usage and reporting.

How sub-accounts can provide extra benefits to your business

Additionally, having all the accounts under one master account means head office can maintain the level of administrative oversight desired. This means that while each store and region can manage their own customer communications, there is still a level of control and consistency that can be maintained across the board. This can be done using another new feature, shared templates. 

Shared templates ensure that messages can be scripted centrally and then shared among other sub-accounts for distribution. When combined with defined user roles, messaging can be as strict or flexible as you like.

To improve governance even more, MessageMedia has matched our current reporting to include these new sub-accounts. Business leaders can now report on detailed message history from the top-level parent account, but they can also further summarise usage by sub-account and by users.

Administrators can also impose SMS volume limits or budgets on each sub-account to better manage budgets and spending. This is a boon to your overall business strategy as it allows for greater visibility across the business. Furthermore, making forecasts and tracking performance across the business or down to a specific team or campaign is much easier.  

With this new sub-account feature, large organisations can:

  1. Maintain their one source of truth, 
  2. Improve current inefficiencies and 
  3. Allow for greater customisation and control over their SMS tool

Final thoughts, further reading

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