27 July 2015

Use any email client to send SMS, anywhere, anytime

Email to SMS (or SMTP) is a basic, practical SMS service that allows businesses to send an SMS message from within any email client, anywhere in the world, with no additional software required. It is a simple solution designed for a narrow range of uses, such as sending single as opposed to group messages, as it facilitates basic SMS functionality.

The benefits of email to SMS:

  • No new software required, as SMS can be sent by most email programs, including Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Allows you to send messages to mobiles and landlines (landline SMS messages are converted from text to voice)
  • Provides an audit trail as you can record all messages sent and received through your email server

Examples of email to SMS applications

  • One-time messages
  • Single user alerts
  • Ideal for departments with staff that lack web access
  • Add SMS functionality to an application that already has email sending capability

How to send an SMS via email:

1. Register with an SMS gateway provider.

2. Open a new email.

3. Simply type the SMS mobile number(s) of the person you wish to contact, followed by your SMS provider’s domain in the address line, for example, You can also send to landline numbers (remember to include the area code when you enter the number), for example, You can also send the message to the recipient’s email address, by adding their email address to the ‘To’ or ‘cc’ fields.

4. Type your message in either the Subject box and/or body of the email.

5. Press ‘Send’.

6. The SMS will then be delivered to the mobile number you entered.

If you would like to send to more than one person at a time, each number must be in the format of and separated by a semi colon (;) e.g.;;

All replies will come into your inbox along with the original SMS you sent to the message recipients.

Standard SMS messages are character-limited, so ensure your character count is 160 characters or less including the subject and/or body text. We recommend you use the word count feature available in most email packages to check the length of your message. (In Outlook this can be found in the Tools dropdown menu.)

Long text (greater than 160 characters) is available, but must be requested from your provider. In this instance the message is concatenated and sent as one message to the mobile phone.

If you are sending a text message from an email to a landline and you are asking the message recipient to call a number, you will need to put spaces between each of the numbers in your written message: for example, 0 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 – this will ensure the number is read out as individual digits as opposed to a whole number (212,345,678).

Email to SMS is a great way to start sending text messages online – it will help make you more productive and save you money.

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