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New data: 5 trends that will change how your business reaches people

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Trends & Innovations 4 min read | Zara Bleackley wrote in blog on March 9, 2023

Today, a great customer experience and an efficient business rely on clear, effective and fast two-way lines of communication. But, you may be struggling to get there – or even to know what “there” looks like.

When it comes to getting your message out, things are changing so quickly, it can be next to impossible to cut through all the noise and figure out the best way forward.

We thought it was time you had some clear insights.

How business owners and consumers want to communicate in 2023 

As a global messaging provider with more than two decades in the business, we’ve seen incredible transformation in how people communicate.

But in the past few years, we’ve also seen an increasing number of businesses overwhelmed by a sea of change, with more and more communication options – and challenges – popping up.

So, we asked both business owners and consumers exactly why and how they want to connect with each other.

In late 2022, we surveyed 100 small- to medium-sized businesses to understand the challenges they’re facing and the channels they use to communicate with customers. We also asked 500 consumers about their communication preferences and habits and how they want businesses to engage with them in 2023.

In our analysis, five trends emerged — all of which spell massive change for how businesses will be communicating with people moving forward. And when leveraged, these trends will help your business stand out with communication that’s direct, clear, and impactful.

Read on to get your sneak peek of one of these trends. Or, grab your copy of the full report right now.

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Our always-on world is getting smaller.

Quick: Name the top five channels people want to use when they communicate with your business.

The answer isn’t as easy as it used to be. In addition to the usual channels like email and phone, businesses now have a dizzying array of other options to choose from when it comes to getting their message out.

But which are best? Which will get you the most engagement? Which will get you the speediest responses? Which will be easiest for your team to manage?

If this analysis paralysis has held you back from exploring different communication channels, you’re not alone: In our survey, we discovered 32% of business leaders think connecting in real time across the customer journey on channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Business Messaging is important … but only 13% are actually doing it.

Did you know

82% of consumers said being able to text or message on social with a business makes them feel better about the brand. 

Meanwhile, people are talking to your business … are you there to answer?

Love them or hate them, each social media platform has become its own digital town square, where people gather to share news and connect with each other. And these gatherings are getting larger: Statista Key Market indicators project there will be 5.42 million social media users worldwide by 2025.

But which businesses will you see in these town squares? Not as many as you might think: We were shocked to discover only 13% of businesses believe social media is an important channel.

Why were we so surprised? Because their customers feel very, very differently:

82% of consumers said being able to text or message on social with a business makes them feel better about the brand.

21% of consumers expect to communicate with brands on these channels.

Long gone are the days when communication took place at arm’s length during business hours only. Today, people expect businesses to interact with them as real humans, in real-time, and on the channels where they already live.

How can your business stay ahead of the curve?

If this all sounds like a lot for your business to bite off, let alone chew, don’t lose hope. Just like with any relationship, these things take time.

Start by finding the town squares where your people are already hanging out. Then, work to build community. Be authentic and helpful. Focus on the person and the problem, not the product.

The most successful businesses will be those who are in it for the long haul, recognizing that their customers truly live in that channel. These businesses will be busy creating conversations that build trust, grow community, and spark massive engagement.

Want more information – including insights into the channels consumers told us they wish you used? Read the full report now.

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Explore the full 2023 business messaging trends report here.

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