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MessageMedia’s partnership with Bang the Table unlocks stronger engagement between government and residents 

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News & announcements 3 min read | Sinch Messagemedia wrote in blog on April 6, 2020

From what we’ve seen in the past few months, communication plays a big role in keeping citizens and stakeholders informedespecially in times of crisis. Historically, we have seen the use of direct mail and email to send updates, notices and reports to local residents, communities and the general public. However, the use of SMS is the rise as one of the most effective avenues to rouse action and cut-through the current cacophony of noise.  

That’s why MessageMedia Group is excited to announce we have partnered with software provider Bang the Table to create a new way for federal and state governments as well as local councils, to engage and communicate with citizens using SMS messaging. This partnership will enhance how governing bodies communicate and capture feedback from the community-at-large. 

Image Credit: Bang the Table

MessageMedia has worked in the past with numerous governing bodies at all levels to utilise SMS as a communication channel. These organisations have found enormous success integrating SMS into their systems to bring about greater community engagement through short, on-point messaging with information that is relevant and essential to your residents and members.  

Now, more than ever, there is a vital need for robust and user-friendly communication channels between authorities and communities, and this aims to streamline that process.

MessageMedia Group CEO Paul Perrett

 The multitude of government agencies who already use Bang the Table’s software EngagementHQ will now be able to utilise two-way SMS conversations to connect with their communities. Conversational text messaging provides an easy way for residents to stay informed while giving them an easy way to offer input on community projects. For example, councillors can communicate upcoming consultations or, more immediately, relay important information and directives about COVID-19 through a convenient platform. Bang the Table’s feedback tools are embedded in MessageMediasent text messages to capture data directly from a participant’s SMS reply into a group so that all participant responses can be analysed together. 

CEO of Bang the Table, Matthew Crozier believes that the integration of SMS provides a great opportunity for high-level governing bodies through to local city councils to enhance their communicationsAlready, many find it challenging to broaden their community outreach and communicate with less connected residents. SMS messaging should help alleviate both of these issues. 

SMS allows clients to easily expand the reach of their engagement and is a great way to get contributions from those who may not have easy access to the internet or who are too pushed for time to visit the site

Bang the Table CEO Matthew Crozier

SMS continues to be one of the most effective methods to reach large swathes of people, many of whom may not have the latest iPhone and may vary greatly in their tech literacy. SMS continues to be one of the most easily accessible modes of communication today, with studies showing that SMS messages are opened 90% of the time, often within 90 seconds of receipt.  

It’s important that all kinds of governing authorities continue to try new methods to reach every one of their valuable and important constituents. MessageMedia is proud to have partnered with Bang the Table and looks forward to helping the public sector connect even more with its important communities. 

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