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Acceptable use Policy

This Acceptable Usage Policy is designed to enable you to have a better understanding of what is and is not acceptable when using our service and any facility we provide, and to help you get the best out of MessageMedia website/s and services. Complying with this AUP is a contractual requirement and you must ensure you read this AUP and understand how it affects you. We may change the AUP from time to time and will inform you when we do so. To make the most of the guidance contained in the AUP please keep up to date with any changes and look at it on a regular basis.

Fair Use

We provide the service for the benefit of Australian businesses to send SMS. All SMS sent via trial or full service are subject to Fair Use so that our users as a whole are not adversely affected by the actions of a few.


  • We may block/ban users without warning that make use of the service for SMS bombing, spamming, illegal SMS and unsolicited text messages.
  • We may block/ban users without warning that make use of mobile numbers or number ranges associated, or suspected of being associated with, fraudulent or illegal activities.
  • We may block/ban users that operate, or attempt to operate or communicate with or attempt to communicate with,  scams, or similar schemes.

What Action Will We Take?

Compliance with this Acceptable Use Policy is a mandatory requirement under MessageMedia Terms of Service for use of the services. If you fail to comply, your access to the services may be suspended or terminated or blocked. MessageMedia will cooperate with other Internet service providers to identify any users committing abuse or in breach of the Fair Use policy. Any offending material may be removed by MessageMedia without prior notice/explanation. If we discover that you’ve engaged in abusive behaviour or have acted in breach of this AUP we will notify you that your behaviour is unacceptable. You may be suspended or terminated or blocked. If we find out that you’re using our service for illegal purposes, we may involve external law agencies. If we receive a Court Order requesting us to reveal your identity to someone complaining that you’ve used this service in an abusive manner we will do so.

Account Restoration/Unblocking

A suspended or blocked user may be restored at MessageMedia’s sole discretion, upon receipt of a written undertaking by the abuser not to commit any future abuse or breaches of this AUP. All cases are, however, considered by MessageMedia on their individual merits.
Complaints About Abuse or a Breach of this AUP

If you wish to inform us of a breach of this AUP please contact a member of the MessageMedia Support team.