25 January 2019

Valentine’s Day ecommerce to make customers fall in love

While Christmas feels very recent, there’s another high sales date coming soon – Valentine’s Day! Get those lovebirds into a long-term relationship with your business with savvy ecommerce strategies.

It’s time to prepare your big Valentine’s Day sales events while consumers get ready to spend generously ahead of Valentine’s Day.

This year US shoppers are expected to spend US$30 billion for Valentine’s Day. While it’s no surprise that 53 percent of Americans plan to buy a gift this year, what is surprising is the list of recipients. The second biggest recipients of Valentine’s Day gifts are kids, followed by those buying a little something for themselves!

Clearly, it’s a major shopping event, and mobile devices account for 31 percent of purchases. As more and more people enjoy the convenience of mobile online shopping, every big spending occasion is another opportunity for retailers to increase sales and entice customers.

Marry your channels

To ensure that the path of love is smooth, now is the time to make your marketing and communication channels work together. Your website should be mobile-ready, with your campaigns planned out for the weeks leading up to the big day, and SMS messages timed perfectly to target your audience.

Engage your customers with:

Another addition for the love-struck includes forwarding product links to their paramours via SMS, as a nice little ‘hint’ about what they might like to receive on the big day.

Offer the full package

Last minute purchases are big business at Valentine’s Day, so clever businesses should jump in early with easy packages and offers. This will help relieve the stress on your customers and let you nab those sales.

Plan out your campaign timeline up to 14 February, and overcome customer commitment issues by delivering online offers like:

  • Gift packages at varying price points
  • Themed vouchers
  • Specials on romantic products
  • Free gift-wrapping
  • Guaranteed delivery

Be a good communicator

Getting nothing on Valentine’s Day can be heartbreaking, so make sure your customers know exactly when their presents are on the way. SMS package tracking is ideal to ease those nerves and instill the kind of consumer confidence that can win over customers for life.

Keep them forever

Communication is a two-way street. A sales event like Valentine’s Day provides a great opportunity to show new customers how fuss-free your online shopping experience can be. It can also be the ideal time to re-engage with current customers.

To keep the magic alive, it’s worthwhile to ask about your customer’s feelings through:

Love your customers and they’ll love you back. Get in touch with MessageMedia for ecommerce solutions that will make you the kind of caring, attentive and generous business that anyone can fall for.

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