Ryan’s three top takeaways from this webinar are: 

  •  Use our NetSuite SMS integration to have more meaningful conversations with customers. Text messaging shouldn’t be a one-off thing. Initiating a two-way conversation means greater engagement and support for customers.
  • It’s very easy and seamless to create workflows in NetSuite that include text messaging. For example, you can set up a sales workflow in which every time a sale is landed, the agent can be immediately notified via text.
  • The industry is trending towards enriching existing customer relationships rather than acquiring new ones. Text messaging through NetSuite can help you do just that. In fact, NetSuite is extremely well-equipped to help you manage your existing customer relationships. There are so many possible capabilities to explore through our integration and through NetSuite’s current CRM offering, so, if you’re not already, jump in to see the potential now!