Extend the power of NetSuite with SMS

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Better connect with prospects, customers, and partners with SMS for your NetSuite-powered business.

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NetSuite powered businesses need speed

Instant gratification has become the norm. We pay extra for same-day delivery. We expect websites and videos to load immediately and refuse to wait on hold. And there’s data to prove it. Deloitte’s recent report, Milliseconds Make Millions revealed: “With a 0.1s improvement in site speed, we observed that retail consumers spent almost 10% more.” And Forbes takes it a step further, stating, “Speed is the most important thing for your business’ profitability.”

Whether your business relies on NetSuite for accounting, ERP, CRM, eCommerce, or a combination of these, your team is likely under pressure to go faster. With so much to do, teams need to stay in touch across departments, supply chain partners, and customers. But connecting is difficult when emails and phone calls take days to review or are ignored altogether. Our NetSuite customers see 98% open rates with text messaging, with 90% of messages read in less than two minutes. And the use cases for texting in NetSuite to streamline and automate your business processes and communications are endless.

Send and receive text messages from NetSuite

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With our 5-star rated NetSuite native SMS app, you can easily send and receive text messages from within NetSuite. And because it integrates seamlessly, you don’t have to add to your tech stack. Watch our quick video to see how MessageMedia and NetSuite work together to create better connections.

Everything you need to know about SMS for NetSuite

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Manual tasks are slowing businesses down. We live in a digital world. Yet, many teams still rely on manual steps for repetitive, routine tasks like confirming orders, scheduling deliveries, sending payment reminders, and more. Read our datasheet to see how easy it is to turn on texting in NetSuite so your team can go faster.

Explore the top 10 benefits of sending SMS from NetSuite

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How often have you wondered if a customer, colleague, or business partner has read your message? With phone calls and emails, it’s hard to know. When your mission-critical communication relies on methods that are often delayed or ignored, it can feel like you’re spinning your wheels. We’ve outlined the top ten benefits of moving to a text-enabled NetSuite.

Uncover the prime areas where SMS can have the most impact

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One of the biggest mistakes NetSuite-powered businesses can make is accepting slow communication and inefficient business processes. Because your competition is embracing digital transformation, standing still isn’t an option. To help your team work smarter, we’ve curated the top use cases for text messaging.

Get the checklist for effective SMS text messages

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Texting in NetSuite with our SMS app is easy. And that’s by design. But not all texts are created equal. It’s crucial to properly frame each message to prompt the response and action you need. Below is a checklist to craft the perfect text message every time.

Port Networks cut customer support wait times in half

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With text messaging in NetSuite, you can stay in touch with your customers from first contact to the point of sale and beyond. But don’t take our word for it. See how Port Networks used our solution to streamline and automate operations, reducing support wait times by 50% and freeing up employees to focus on other crucial business tasks.