SMS for Epic MyChart


Enhance patient care and engagement through automated text communications

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Real-time appointment reminders

Facilities using SMS decrease no-shows, which cost the US healthcare industry more than $150 billion dollars per year.

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Critical notification updates

SMS is a simple, automated method reminding patients to take vital medication at scheduled times.

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Increase patient engagement

Increase patient satisfaction and health outcomes by following up on in-person discussions.

SMS with Epic MyChart for your healthcare environment

Looking for ways to streamline your business and increase patient engagement?

Appointment Reminders

Allow patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments quickly reducing the number of empty appointments.

Billing and payments

SMS payment reminders greatly increase the percentage of bills paid on time. Automate the entire process to reduce cost.

Patient alerts and notifications

Keep everyone informed – staff, customer or teams – instantly and reliably with messages that get through at the right time, every time.

Feedback and surveys

Improve your business with patient feedback via surveys and respond to patient issues proactively with SMS.