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Enhance patient communications with SMS/Epic integration

Save time and money while delivering better patient outcomes. Integration with Epic provides the healthcare industry efficiency and customer service improvements through SMS.

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Appointment reminders

Facilities using SMS decrease no-shows, which cost the US healthcare industry $150B per year.

Medication alerts

SMS is a simple, automated method reminding patients to take vital medication at scheduled times.


Increase patient satisfaction and health outcomes by following up on face-to-face discussions.

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Increased MyChart engagement

MyChart, powered by Epic, provides patients with health coaching, education, and reminders to manage their health. Integration with SMS allows patients to better manage their health conditions, as well as directly ask questions or request referrals from healthcare professionals.

Appointment reminders

No-shows cost the healthcare industry an estimated $150 billion per year. Produce better health outcomes through higher patient attendance. Two-way texting within the Epic platform allows patients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments immediately.

SMS in healthcare

A study at the University of Washington found that in 85% of experiments, text message reminders for health care services improved patient medical compliance and in 86% of experiments text message reminders increased appointment attendance, which is significantly higher than other channels.

Case Studies

Monkey Software and integrated SMS streamlines communications

Integrated SMS capability streamlines customer communication for appointment confirmation, customer service and marketing.

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Shift bidding by SMS delivers healthy results

Utilising SMS rostering, agency costs are down by 20 percent, and time is spent helping residents instead of calling around to fill shifts.

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Comms improved for leading medical equipment manufacturer

To meet strict service level agreements, this company relies on SMS text messaging for urgent service-related communications.

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