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MessageMedia’s REST API provides a simple and powerful way for developers to connect to our gateway and send messages around the globe via a range of connection options. Start with simple email to SMS, integrate directly using powerful SDKs and APIs, or get all the power and flexibility of SMPP. The choice is yours.

API features

Basic authentication 

The simplest way to authenticate with our APIs

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HMAC authentication 

Securely authenticate with our APIs

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Don’t pay for undelivered messages. Clean up your database with lookups to remove invalid numbers.

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Reporting and analytics

With detailed reporting tools, you can track, trace and thread all your messages and replies.

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Two-way SMS

Use two-way SMS messaging to send and receive replies, follow up on responses with ease, and track who has responded and when.

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Schedule your message and our SMS platform will deliver it at the selected time and date.

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Social sending

Avoid accidentally disturbing customers out of hours and limit messaging to between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

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Ensure your business does not send duplicate messages to the same customer

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Metadata adds data to messages that can be interpreted and processed to reveal more information about the message.

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Long messages

When 160 characters isn’t enough, long messages means you can include all the information you need.

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Delivery receipts

Track your SMS messages and understand delivery status in real-time through our visual reporting.

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Webhooks allows your application to receive real-time notifications of messaging events that occur on the MessageMedia platform.

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Enterprise webhooks

Ensure information is coming from verified sources and protect your system from unwanted data.

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