Support with SMS for Zoho Desk.

Easily manage and respond to inquiries with personalized SMS – all from Zoho Desk.


Behold, the power of integrations.


SMS, your way.

Natively integrated into Zoho Desk and Zoho CRM, there’s no need for multiple platforms.


One view.

See all your customer interactions in just one place, no matter where they happen – via email, phone, or SMS.


Top notch support.

Connect with your customers in the moment, and stay up to date with timely inbound SMS notifications.

Get your customers’ attention via SMS, with the Zoho Desk integration.

The best parts of Zoho Desk SMS.

Use templates that answer the most common issues. Save your team time to deal with complex queries, while still providing high-quality responses.

No more juggling customer support inquiries across multiple channels. Find your SMS conversations on the contact record in the CRM.

Real-time conversations? Check. Instant notifications? Yes. But on top of that, you can see all your SMS history, in one place, and never lose track of a ticket.

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Check out some popular ways to use the Zoho Desk SMS integration.

  • Reply to inbound inquiries.

    Reassure your customers that you’re on the case with automated responses to SMS queries.

  • No more tickets left pending.

    Automatically follow up with your customer if a ticket has not been responded to after 48 hours.

  • Maintain quality of service.

    Win brownie points with customers via personalized SMS, fast, reliable, and high-quality customer support.

  • Efficient ticket closure.

    Manage multiple chats at once, save your team time, and enhance customer experience. Win win.

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