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Enhance your customer marketing experiences with SMS and Adobe Campaign

Easily integrate SMS into new or existing marketing campaign workflows to deliver real-time experiences within the Adobe Campaign platform. Better connect with customers through a truly personalised, cross-channel experience that delivers measurable results.

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Increased engagement

With high open and click-through rates, SMS offers better engagement with customers and drives up conversion.

Cross-channel communication

Build campaign workflows to send automated SMS messages using triggers at each stage of the customer journey.

Measurable results

Use SMS and short trackable links to measure click-through rates and see how customers engage with your content.

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Increase customer engagement to drive higher conversions and loyalty

SMS can be used for a range of interactions through the customer journey, such as marketing campaigns, alerts and notifications, sales outreach, or feedback and surveys. SMS integration improves engagement in each campaign with multiple channels, touchpoints and personalised messages that get cut-through.

Measurable campaign results

Easily integrate SMS into your Adobe Campaign customer journeys to deliver personalised and relevant messages that get results. Understand which content and offers deliver results by tracking customer engagement with each call-to-action (CTA) across every channel.