Contact centres

Across the board, contact centres need to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Enable self-service with messaging and provide better customer experiences with contact centre business messaging solutions.

SMS is a quick and flexible communication channel your customers already use. Reduce telephone demand with cost-effective channels, especially for managing inbound service enquiries.

How business messaging helps contact centres:

Acknowledge receipt

Instantly acknowledge receipt of a service query via automated text. People will wait longer if their enquiry has been acknowledged.

Manage routine inbound queries

Cut costly voice and email interactions for simple problems with automated replies via SMS.

Route queries by type

Use inbound keywords to direct messages to the right agent, or according to campaign or query.

Automate routine tasks

Save time with automated SMS. For example, send a text message reminding your customer of an upcoming subscription expiry date. When the recipient responds to confirm renewal with a keyword, such as “CONTINUE”, automation completes the task.

At, failed payments occur when card details change or expire but the business has not updated them. staff members initially sent an email, then phoned the business individually for payment, which was time-consuming. It was also ineffective as it was difficult to get a response. Automated SMS has cut failed payment handling costs by between 25 and 30 percent.

Billing and payments

Using SMS to remind customers of bill due dates or late payments are incredibly effective. Even better, use mobile landing pages with call-to-action buttons that link to your payment portal, or allow the customer to call your contact centre.

Like all organisations with large residential customer bases, Synergy has the ongoing challenge of managing and reducing late payment and overdue balances owed. In less than one year, an SMS program reduced Synergy’s total balance of past due accounts by an astounding 45 percent.

Send notifications and alerts

Provide reminders for contract renewals, updates on queries, or appointment details.

Automatically send actions reminders triggered by inbound calls, such as ‘information request’ or ‘appointment made’.

Help multiple customers at once

An agent can only speak to one customer at a time on the phone, but they can manage several customer conversations simultaneously using via text messages.

Record interactions

Messaging records all interactions with the customer’s record, making it easy for the next agent to get up to speed. Customers don’t need to find emails or recall case numbers.

Integrate with your CRM

Integrate SMS with your existing system to send ad hoc or automated text messages from one interface. Use triggers to send messages, for example, delivery updates, lead follow-ups, surveys after purchases, or welcome texts when a customer joins your loyalty program.

CASE STUDY: Consumer tech product company
A fast-growing consumer tech product company based in the US was spending a small fortune on customer support, which was outsourced to a third-party contact centre. The majority of calls related to delivery information, which increased operating costs and reflected a poor experience for customers chasing their deliveries. After integrating SMS for NetSuite, inbound customer calls dropped dramatically, resulting in a huge reduction in the company’s third-party contact centre costs.

Collect warranty information

Enable customers to send pictures, videos and other content to confirm warranty details and provide details for repairs or services.

Enable two-way messaging

Have real-time, two-way conversations between agents and customers.

Offer call-backs

Manage increases in inbound calls by offering call back options to customers, reducing the need for customers to wait and improving the customer experience.

Manage complex matters

Automated text questions completed before transferral to an agent convey the nature of the problem, sparing the customer the need to repeat information to different agents.

Sort through and prioritise customer enquiries, giving your team more time to assist with difficult issues. Or schedule a call-back via text for the right agent to call at a convenient time.

Update customer details

Update your customer database easily with an SMS that asks customers to update their details. Use mobile landing pages for even better response rates.

CASE STUDY: The Athlete’s Foot
“Using unique mobile landing pages prepopulated with each customer’s details has opened up the pool of people we can communicate with and reduced those we can’t reach. Now, when we combine email, direct mail and SMS, the number of customers we can’t contact is cut from 19 percent down to less than five percent. This is a big advantage for us, as it has significantly lowered the number of customers who never receive their voucher.” Jacinta O’Brien, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), The Athlete’s Foot

 Surveys and feedback

Send a bulk SMS to conduct quick customer satisfaction surveys. This increases customer loyalty and enables improvements to your contact centre’s customer service.

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