SMS messaging gives you a powerful, end-to-end ecommerce solution that lets you quickly send new products and offers to customers, complete the checkout process, and manage the transaction to fulfillment — without your customers ever having to visit a store or website.

The power of SMS ecommerce

Some of the world’s biggest retailers have deployed text-to-buy programs to give consumers a simple way to purchase new products. Nordstrom uses it to provide a personalised mobile shopping service to its customers. ReplyBuy gives sports fans an easy way to purchase tickets to games. Meanwhile, other innovators like Magic provide a personalised shopping service that allows busy users to quickly pay for everything from pizza delivery to toilet paper. The opportunities are nearly endless.

How to use SMS to boost ecommerce sales

  • Integrate SMS into your CRM to automatically send new product announcements, promotions, and discounts to customers
  • Pair dedicated numbers with keywords to automate the mobile payment process, or embed a URL to send customers to a payment interface
  • Deliver retargeting messages and promotions to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales
  • Combine in-store and ecommerce experiences by texting personal recommendations, ‘new in-stock’ notifications, along with delivery updates
  • Develop an entirely new business model to tap into the opportunities unlocked by SMS

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