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SMS for non-profits

More not-for-profits are turning to business messaging to improve their operating efficiency and increase fundraising

Send community notifications

Broadcast your message to reach your community and volunteers quickly

Boost donation drives

Engage your sponsors and donors with personal and conversational messaging

Community coordination

Notify your volunteers and staff for events, rostering and initiatives

How SMS can transform not-for-profits

RSPCA ACT found that SMS reminders enhance their service with over 80% of their clients responding to the reminders

  • Inform fast with broadcast SMS updates

    Communicate the urgent nature of your requests with SMS, whether you need extra volunteers, food for a community dinner, or last-minute charity donations to help a family in need.

  • Integrate your marketing

    Deliver not-for-profit marketing campaigns and provide real-time updates of your progress towards your goal.

  • Volunteer and staff rostering

    Send shift reminders, open-shift notifications, and schedule confirmations to manage your volunteer roster and events.