Text to landline enablement

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Allow customers to send and receive text messages using your landline phone number. We can text enable your existing landline or set up a new number in minutes.

Text to landline enablement hero image outlined
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Retain your number

Use a consistent phone number for both business text messaging and voice calling.

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Be easier to contact

Customers prefer text messaging to speaking on their phones at an increasing rate.

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Use our online inbox

Manage all of your one-on-one conversations in our feature-rich web platform.

How a text-to-landline service can help your business

Give your customers a single point of contact to call or send text messages to. Use a new or existing toll free number or local landline number for consistent branding.

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  • Communicate quickly and effectively

    Some questions can be answered in a sentence or two and don’t require a whole voice conversation. Allow customers to get basic information straight to their mobile device in a short, simple text message. And with 98% open rates, you can be confident they’ll see it.

  • Manage customer queries online

    You won’t have to be tied to your desk’s landline or attend to incoming voice calls as frequently. You will be alerted of inbound text messages from your web-based portal. Set up automated replies, manage your contacts, and run campaigns online.

  • Don’t miss out on conversations

    Customers may already be trying to text your landline and failing to reach you. By text enabling your non-mobile phone number, they’ll be able to get through to you every time. They’ll always be able to initiate a conversation or reply to your outbound message.

Ways to use

Sending SMS is a great way to develop your audience and improve communication. Advertise the same phone number for both voice calling and text messaging.

SMS marketing

Reach large audiences in an immediate and impactful way. Encourage inbound SMS to grow your database.

Customer support

Rather than have customers wait on hold or call in to get information, make SMS an option to save time for them and your team.


Encourage your audience to send a keyword to your text-enabled number for a chance to win and to develop your opt-in list.

Appointment bookings

Send automated reminders via SMS and save admin time. Allow them to conveniently book in or reschedule using two-way texting.

Why MessageMedia?

With 20 years of messaging experience, our trusted messaging experts support customers across every industry.
We know the challenges your business faces and how to solve them.

Best-in-class platform

  • Integrated into over 85 leading software systems
  • Easy-to-use web SMS portal
  • No software to install

Proven and trusted expertise

  • 22 years of industry experience
  • Over 65,000 customers globally
  • Experts who understand your needs
  • 420+ million messages sent monthly

Most connected partner

  • Access to SMS, MMS, and mobile landing pages
  • Direct links to carriers
  • On-shore delivery
  • Over 85 third-party integrations

24/7 customer support

  • 24/7 Live chat and email support
  • Free phone support 5 days until late
  • Local onshore support
  • Global team available 24/7

Easy 3 step setup

Whether you want to enable a new phone number or keep your existing one, we make the process simple. Get 24/7 premium support from our knowledgeable customer service team.

Get started in just 3 steps
  • Sign up to MessageMedia

    Our online web portal is easy to navigate and ready for you to send messages from. You can start sending from a dedicated toll-free number straight away.

  • Make a text-enablement request

    To keep your existing landline phone number and enable text messaging, simply let your dedicated account manager know. They will liaise with the necessary carriers.

  • Start texting using your landline number

    Your request may be fulfilled in less than a week. Once your number is enabled, import your contact details and start text messaging your customers and leads.