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Increase conversion and engagement by personalising each and every message using mail merge.

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Personalised messaging content has been shown to increase conversion and engagement among audiences. Use mail merge facilities to personalise each and every message.

Today, 61 percent of consumers say they would engage with companies more if they offered a more personalised service.

However, every customer wants to feel that they have your individual attention. For example, if you send out a bulk campaign, each customer should feel that the message is targeted specifically to them. A generic message is less likely to engage a customer, whereas simply adding the name of the customer to the start of message can make a huge difference in terms of greater open rates, better click-through rates and reduced unsubscribes.

Mobile landing pages can also be personalised for each recipient. Make your pages stand out by using your recipient’s first name or adding a unique barcode. You can even set up call-to-action buttons that take your customers to a sign-in page with their own details already populated in the correct fields. This is perfect for asking customers to update their contact details without the need to recall username and password.

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