Optimised routing

Continuous monitoring of carrier networks with automatic alternate routing in the event of outage or failure.

Start messaging for free

Downtime for most businesses is not an option, so we ensure your service is never interrupted. MessageMedia ensures that you can focus on your core business while we ensure your messages are sent out quickly and reliably – every time.

99.99 percent gateway uptime

We have zero tolerance for gateway outages even when handling extreme volumes of messages.

Accurate message delivery time is a critical success factor for business messaging services and, as our system is monitored 24/7, we guarantee our message gateway will be available. MessageMedia has invested millions in state-of-the-art infrastructure that enables us to deliver a 99.95 percent service quality guarantee. We stand by our technology and infrastructure, which is owned and managed by us.

Our business service is linked directly to major telcos. MessageMedia’s multiple gateway network in Australia and the US is supported by a sophisticated monitoring system – we call it the ‘heartbeat’ – which can dynamically reroute messages if any given route is compromised.

Multiple redundant pathways

We have eliminated single points of failure by installing extensive system-wide redundancies and fail-over. We’ve built multiple redundancies across our systems, both to the internet and in our Tier 1 links to the nation’s telcos, to eliminate your risks. Our business continuity programs ensure things keep running.

Reliability and security

Our service is based on reliability and security. We believe network quality is too important and we won’t compromise the integrity of your communication.