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Preloaded templates to suit a range of use cases, with images and text that's designed to convert.

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Businesses want to send messages quickly and accurately. This is why mobile landing pages are preloaded with templates to suit a range of use cases.

Save time by using our templates which contain engaging images and text designed to convert.

Templates are easily customisable using desktop spreadsheet software. Building your campaign is as easy as copying your list of recipients from your existing data sources (such as a CRM export for example).

Marketing and promotional templates

Marketing and promotional templates work when they are attention-grabbing, and use strong and engaging calls-to-action (such as ‘Contact us today’, or ‘Find out more here’). They create a sense of urgency, such as use of an expiry date, and share information in a clear and concise manner. With mobile landing pages, your call-to-action buttons can deep-link to a specific promotion on your website.

Appointment reminders

Appointment reminder messages should contain the date and time of the appointment, as well as the location, name and phone number of the business. They should also offer the customer an avenue to confirm or reject the appointment, such as ‘Reply with Y to confirm, or contact us on (phone number) to reschedule’. With mobile landing pages, you can create a call-to-action button to call your practice or launch directions to your office.

Payment reminders

It can be tricky to find the right balance with payment reminders. That’s why it’s best to keep your messages short and simple with strong, engaging calls-to-action, such as an option to contact the business, receive a discount, or request a callback. The focus on the customer’s experience along with the sense of urgency make it more likely that payments are made on time.

Electronic vouchers

What better way to reward loyal customers than with an electronic voucher for their next purchase? Vouchers sent by mail are forgotten at home or pinned to the fridge. For your next campaign, think of using mobile landing pages to deliver a voucher to your customers in a location where they won’t forget: their mobile phone.

Staff communication

There are many occasions to communicate with staff through messaging, such as rostering, workplace emergencies, holiday greetings, birthday wishes, or staff events like conferences where you need staff at a specific time at a certain place. Messages should be short and include only essential information. Use call-to-action buttons to quickly confirm shift rosters.

Event tickets

When arriving at a venue, it can be frustrating finding the right email that contains your electronic tickets. With mobile landing pages, you can send your attendees an event reminder on the day, along with a scannable barcode. This creates a smoother process for you and your guests. Less time in the queue, more time at the party.

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