15 ecommerce text messaging templates for NetSuite

Text-based communication (SMS/MMS) provides NetSuite-powered businesses with a competitive edge by allowing them to instantly engage with their customers. The immediacy and convenience of a text message – combined with confidence that text messages will be delivered and read in seconds or minutes – provides a level of engagement that is not possible with traditional communication channels.

MessageMedia has been a trusted NetSuite partner since 2011 with our Text Messaging for NetSuite integration.

Discover how to extend the power of NetSuite by adding text-based notifications and two-way SMS conversations to the NetSuite platform. Highlights include:

  • Understand when text messaging is the most effective communication strategy
  • Learn the most impactful use cases where text messaging delivers significant ROI
  • Includes 15 ready-to-use text messaging templates
  • Discover how to add text messaging to NetSuite – with no coding or developers required
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SMS-based Ecommerce Templates and Best Practices