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How SMS became Male Excel’s leading channel with personalized marketing journeys

Hormone replacement therapy can be life-changing treatment — but only if patients have access. Male Excel launched in 2019 to help more Americans get treatment without the barriers imposed by traditional healthcare systems. Since then, the company has become the nation’s leading online men’s clinic using proactive treatments to give men an empowering path to wellness, all while maintaining a 90% patient retention rate.

The challenge: Lackluster vendor support prevented SMS campaigns from reaching their full potential

When Male Excel first started using SMS to connect with their customers, they were very happy with the results. Within a month of launch, the company was selling just as many test kits by SMS campaigns as they were via email. But while the SMS channel proved effective, their SMS service provider was lacking. For one thing, the provider’s SMS workflows didn’t allow much personalization. Even worse was the customer support, like when Male Excel had to wait two-and-a-half months to get reporting on SMS opt-outs. It was time to find a vendor with more functionality and better support.

The solution: Switching to MessageMedia for better performance and better support

Switching to MessageMedia was a shot in the arm for Male Excel’s SMS campaigns. The new platform offered more functionality and made it easier to personalize user journeys. “It took SMS from doing okay for us and turned it into something that’s overtaking our email channel’s performance,” said Phil Bochman, Content and Paid Media Marketing Specialist at Male Excel. “But if there’s one other distinguishing factor, it’s that the support is much better at MessageMedia.” No more waiting two months: When Phil and his team have a question, they get the answers they need right away.

The results: An energized channel that meets customers right where they are

“SMS is the communication style of choice for a lot of folks in our target audience,” Phil explained. “The sales results we’ve seen validate that. With MessageMedia, our SMS campaigns are more seamless. They take a forward-thinking approach that makes the process much easier.” As Male Excel continues to grow their business within the heavily regulated healthcare space, they’ve got a great channel to connect with their customers — and the support that will help them succeed.

“Since switching to MessageMedia, we’ve been very happy with the changes and the improvements their platform offers. If we have problems, we can count on much quicker results.”

Phil Bochman, Content and Paid Marketing Specialist, Male Excel

MessageMedia also has integrations with over 85 platforms, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Zoho CRM, creating a seamless turn-key customer engagement solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

“SMS is the communication style of choice.”

Phil Bochman, Content and Paid Marketing Specialist at Male Excel, says their SMS campaigns are more seamless, and if they run into issues, they no longer have to wait months for support.
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