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BetterLife uses SMS messages to form personal connections with their “tribe.”

BetterLife teaches members how to create financial freedom through personal finance, entrepreneurship, and real estate investing. BetterLife members are equipped through ongoing education and accountability through The Tribe, with weekly accountability masterminds designed to help you take action towards a better life. 100% of BertterLife’s profits are donated to charity, and it’s aiming to donate $10 billion dollars in 10 years to nonprofit organizations and charities to fight human trafficking.


The challenge: Keeping members in the know

The organization needed a way to keep Tribe members updated on events and account updates. They also needed another way to distribute their weekly newsletter that would stand out and result in more engagement. They were already using emails, but found they were sometimes getting lost in the crowded inboxes of their audience.

The solution: Welcomed updates improved connection

Sinch Message Media SMS for HubSpot was the solution BetterLife was looking for, allowing them to keep members updated on the latest information instantly. And since members opt into messages and join the organization because they’re already fans of Turner’s unique perspective on financial education, the messages are generally welcomed by Tribe members. 

Everyone’s got email, but they get so many emails a day. SMS is a little more intimate. In a way, it’s like texting with your friends. If you have that kind of communication with them, it’s just an easier way to have that connection point with them.

Emily Tuma, Marketing Coordinator, BetterLife

The results: An informed, connected member base

BetterLife has been able to inform members about upcoming events, keeping them up-to-date and opted in for more SMS updates from the company in the future. 

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