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13 February 2019

SMS marketing campaigns

SMS marketing delivers better results, faster. It’s far cheaper than direct mail and telemarketing, and a lot more effective than email marketing.

With a text message, you’re just seconds away from reaching your customers. Start a conversation, launch new products, or drive traffic to your store or website. SMS marketing does it all, quickly. It can be a powerful lever in your marketing toolkit, helping you improve campaign effectiveness and push your business forward.

Lower your care per conversion

The first, and most difficult, step to marketing success is getting your communication read. That’s one of the big advantages of text messages. MessageMedia’s customers report that this single change lifts their open rates from 20 percent for email to 98 percent with SMS.

But the benefits of text message marketing don’t stop there. Text messages deliver dramatic improvements to click-through rates, from 4.3 percent with email to 19 percent with SMS. More opens and more clicks means more customers flowing down your conversion funnel. Moreover, your cost per click is much lower than other communications channels.

Put your marketing campaign on autopilot

Our text message marketing platforms are built to make mobile marketing easy. Every step, from uploading contacts to setting up autoresponders, is designed to help you get from campaign planning to reporting as quickly and easily as possible.

Upload your contacts from a CSV with just a click. Effortlessly customise nurture tracks and set up autoresponders to take care of all the hard work. Our SMS marketing software gives you everything you need to architect effective campaigns and put them on autopilot. So you can spend more time enjoying your results, and less time getting them.

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