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13 February 2019

SMS appointment reminders

Keep your revenue on schedule

Missed appointments are costly, wasting valuable time and money. Two-way text messaging makes it easy for customers to confirm, reschedule, or cancel their appointments. SMS appointment reminders are the simplest, most cost-effective way to ensure that your customers, and revenue, show up as scheduled. It’s also very successful with studies showing that sending appointment reminders via messaging can improve attendance rates by as much as 50 percent.

MessageMedia’s powerful APIs make it easy to integrate SMS reminders with your existing appointment system to automate the process of appointment confirmation.

Common uses include:


There’s no revenue from a customer who fails to show up for a service or repair. Using SMS appointment reminders for bookings means fewer no-shows and better availability for emergency repairs or customers calling at short notice. Car dealerships also benefit from appointment reminders.

Beauticians/hairdressing salons

One missed appointment per day quickly adds up over a year in lost revenue. Make sure your employees are fully booked and the diary is full.

Fitness industry

Personal trainers, fitness centres and gyms are heavily reliant on appointments with clients who may need a timely reminder to make appointment.


Hospitals and other medical specialists such as dentists, physiotherapists, veterinarians and ophthalmologists have no-show rates as high as 60 percent, leaving highly paid specialist standing around. Make sure your business is fully booked with appointment reminders.

Home repairs

If a customer isn’t home for a booked repair, this wastes your time but may become an urgent repair down the track that demands your urgent attention at short notice, compromising your level of service to your other clients.


Make sure you have a full house every night by ensuring customers cancel in time for you to offer a place to other guests or customers.

Real estate

The real estate industry is heavily dependent on appointments, which may encompass travel that is a waste of time and resources if the customer fails to arrive. Maximise your time by confirming appointments or inspections head of time.


An interviewee who fails to arrive costs an agency in valuable time to review resumes, complete phone interviews, check referees and arrange interviews. Ensure your time is fully utilised by reminding candidates of interviews via SMS reminders and providing an accessible way of canceling.


Empty seats don’t bring in revenue. Ensure maximum attendance by confirming attendance beforehand.

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