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13 February 2019

SMS alerts and notifications

Make every second count

Emergency services and organisations around the world rely on MessageMedia to deliver their time-critical messages. Whether they’re sending tornado warnings or notifying IT managers of a server failure, they count on us to get their messages through at the right time, every time.

Common use cases include:

Appointment reminders

A timely reminder cuts no-show rates and empty diary appointments. SMS alerts increase revenue and productivity by ensuring customers, patients or guests remember their appointments or have the opportunity to reschedule.

Booking confirmations

Ensure maximum capacity by confirming booking with your customers, and give your business the opportunity to backfill cancelled bookings with sufficient notice.

Customer updates

Keep customers informed of changes to flight details, availability of new properties for sale, exact arrival time of car/driver services or due dates for automobile services.

IT notifications

Integrate SMS IT solutions into your data centre software to send automatic SMS notifications to IT managers when your system is under stress or has failed.

Order/delivery confirmations

Inform customers of online order and delivery status. Enable efficient ordering of products using previous order details.

Public safety warnings

Whether you need to prevent a disaster or manage one, messaging lets you instantly send real-time information to media, emergency responders, or the general public.

Service disruptions

Road closures, equipment failure, or plane delays – a simple message keeps users up to date on the latest conditions.

Staff rostering

Need to fill a last-minute opening, or ensure that one doesn’t happen? Bulk SMS lets you send just one message to your entire staff to locate the available team member. Set up automated reminders, so your staff always know when and where they’re needed.

Staff updates

Send critical staff updates, such as last-minute changes to arrangements, emergency procedures or arrival of special guests. Or use broadcast communications to communicate with employees in the field.

User authentication

Deliver one-time passcodes for on-demand authentications. Users receive a one-time password delivered as an SMS message, allowing the phone to become a security token.

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