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13 February 2019

SMS for insurance

Insurance is a risky business. You spend millions every year to attract new leads and convert them into customers. The problem is, there’s no guarantee you’ll keep them. In fact, your competitors are spending just as much money to ensure that you don’t.

In this highly competitive environment, small improvements to your insurance marketing strategies, operational efficiency and customer service can have a big impact on your bottom line. That’s why more insurance providers are integrating SMS into their businesses. A text message costs just pennies to send, but it can deliver valuable improvements to acquisition and retention rates.

How SMS can help guarantee your success

Lower acquisition costs

Bulk SMS is a lot cheaper than direct mail and telemarketing, and it’s five times more effective than email. Boasting a 98 percent open rate, text messages are the best choice when you need your message to get through to customers.

Improve cross-selling

SMS lets you combine the power of real time communications with a limited time offer to increase urgency, drive conversions, and boost your share of wallet.

Increase retention rates

SMS gives you a fast, cost-effective way to remind customers of their upcoming renewal date. And with SMS CRM integration, you’re able to give them a convenient option for paying their bill. They’ll enjoy the simplicity, and you’ll love the impact on your retention and on-time payment rates.

Transform your quoting system

You can turn your online quoting system into a powerful lead-generation engine when you give customers the option of receiving an immediate quote via SMS. They’ll get instant gratification — and so will you, when you collect real phone numbers from active leads.

Streamline the claims process

With two-way SMS, users can easily send in claims and supporting pictures. And you’re able to send quick case updates, so your customers always know the status of their claim without phoning your call centre.

Automate your success

You’ll enjoy significant cost savings when you integrate SMS with your administrative and contact centre workflows. MessageMedia’s SMS APIs make it easy to automate everything from billing reminders to staff scheduling, so you’re able to focus on growing your business.

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