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13 February 2019


The problem with absent employees is that they always show up eventually — on your bottom line. Understaffed operations lead to absent revenue and missed opportunities, and they can even lead to compromised services in critical organisations, such as healthcare and emergency services.

That’s why well-run businesses around the world count on MessageMedia to keep their operations running smoothly. Our SMS staff rostering services make it easy to send shift reminders, open-shift notifications, and schedule confirmations, so that employees show up when they’re needed. And your business keeps on humming around the clock.

The business case for SMS staff rostering software

A text message can save you thousands in administrative costs and productivity losses.

With SMS rostering you never have to wait for your staff to answer their phones or check their voicemail. They’ll instantly receive your message and see it as soon as they look at their phones. Typically, in less than three minutes.

Our customers report that their employees prefer text messages because they’re less intrusive and it’s much easier to reply. This translates into higher response rates than phone calls, which can make a big difference when you need to fill a last minute opening, manage schedules for a large workforce, or quickly respond to an emergency or sudden upswing in business.

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