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13 February 2019

Government campaigns

Text messaging is a simple, cost-effective way to communicate with your staff, constituents, and other stakeholders. You can use it to send SMS appointment reminders to reduce costly no-shows or implement an SMS-based staff rostering system to automate employee scheduling. You can instantly deliver emergency alerts, service notifications, and payment confirmations, all within a fully secure text messaging platform.

Whatever your objective, MessageMedia can help you develop a business case, evaluate your options, and quickly deploy a solution so that you can start enjoying the benefits of SMS. We are the SMS provider of choice for thousands of governments and businesses around the world. We understand the unique challenges you face, balancing tight budgets and the high expectations of multiple stakeholders.

We are the government messaging specialists

Our dedicated SMS experts partner with you to understand your objectives, develop a business case, assist with RFPs, and help you select the best technologies to meet your requirements. MessageMedia is independently audited, fully compliant with all regulations, and a global leader in secure text messaging. We have an extensive track record of working with government at all levels, from international organisations to local fire departments.

Use cases for government

Emergency services

Use SMS to send updates, vehicle movement bans, and meeting notifications to staff and volunteers, improving public safety and operational efficiency.


Integrating SMS into hospitals’ existing appointment software can reduce no-shows by 44 percent, increasing patient satisfaction and cutting administrative costs.

Aged care

Aged care providers use our SMS APIs to integrate text messaging into their staff rostering system. They can instantly broadcast open shift notifications to their staff, filling available shifts in just minutes, saving agency costs and increasing the quality of patient care.

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