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13 February 2019

Business communications

The business case for SMS has never been clearer. Ninety percent of text messages are read within 90 seconds, making SMS a powerful tool when you need to get your message across. It’s also much cheaper than direct mail or phone calls.

The impact SMS can have on your business is invaluable. It gives you the power to instantly connect with customers and staff, reduce administrative and marketing costs, and drive new traffic to your store or website. You can have it all with built-in analytics to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

At MessageMedia, we offer a range of messaging software, all designed to help you harness the power of text messaging in your business.

Popular business uses for business SMS solutions

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

SMS gives you a simple, cost-effective way to secure transactions and ensure that users are who they say they are.

Appointment reminders

Avoid costly no shows while reducing your administrative and call centre expenses. Two-way text messaging makes it easy to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments.

Payment reminders

Help your customers stay on top of their bills. Our Web SMS platform lets you upload your database, schedule delivery, and track results with ease. Or use our SMS APIs to integrate text messaging directly into your billing system for complete automation.

Debt collection

A simple text message can save you thousands in collection costs. Use SMS to initiate repayment conversations with delinquent creditors, send payment reminders, or follow up with payment confirmations.

SMS marketing

Get your message into your customers’ hands faster. Use text messaging to increase your open rates and conversions. Leverage dedicated numbers and keywords to automate your campaign.

Sales promotions

What do you get when you combine real-time messaging with a limited-time offer? Big-time results. Use bulk SMS to fill empty seats, introduce a new product, or lift sales.

Staff rostering

Need to fill a last-minute opening, or ensure that one doesn’t happen? Use SMS to send just one message to your entire staff. Or set up automated reminders, so that your staff always know when and where they’re needed.

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