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13 February 2019

Authentication and verification

Compromise of internal systems and loss of proprietary and company and customer data can cause devastating financial, legal, and brand damage. In many of these cases, hackers have used stolen or compromised user credentials to penetrate network defences.

Protect your data with SMS security using one-time pass codes (OTP) for two-factor authentication (2FA). Delivery of one-time pass codes via SMS allows for on-demand authentications—anytime, anywhere, turning a mobile phone into a security token.

Advantages of SMS authentication and verification

Better than a password

Traditional user name/password combinations are ineffective. Even so-called ‘strong’ passwords are vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated password cracking techniques.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides additional security because it requires the user to provide two means of identification from separate categories of credentials: something you know (password), as well as something you have, such as a mobile phone.

Great return on investment

OTPs are cost-effective as they do not require additional hardware or renewal like hard tokens or soft token licenses.

Easy for the customer and the business

No user training is necessary, as virtually everyone knows how to send and receive an SMS.

Ideal for infrequent need

Ideal for anyone with a one-time or infrequent need for 2FA such as part-time or temporary employees, contractors, suppliers, vendors or customers.

Improved user experience

Anywhere, anytime access. Thanks to the end-user adoption of mobile phones, it’s now more convenient and affordable than ever before to add this extra layer of protection through SMS. Take advantage of the one item your users carry with them everywhere they go – their mobile phones.

Enhance your security posture

The 2FA process is even more secure because OTAs are valid for only one login session or transaction. Lower costs and administrative overheads means that organisations can deploy 2FA to a greater percentage of their users, which translates into increased security by reducing or even eliminating ‘weak links’.

Reduced ongoing administration

Companies don’t have to issue, track, retire, ship or replace tokens. SMS also reduces support desk costs related to lost/misplaced key fobs, or issues with soft token apps.

OS independent

Authentication works with a variety of applications including VPN, web portal and Citrix. It’s device and OS independent, which provides a standard delivery platform for authentication by working with any standard mobile phone on the market today.

Immediate distribution

Using a unique SMS code to confirm identity is remarkably efficient. MessageMedia’s messages arrive within two seconds, so the message will arrive at the user’s handset almost immediately.

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