Use Cases

MMS (multimedia messaging service)

Use MMS to drive higher engagement from customers, capturing their attention and imagination with beautiful images.

SMS appointment reminders

Missed appointments lose revenue, so ensure maximum attendance by confirming attendance beforehand via SMS.

SMS alerts and notifications

Keep everyone informed – staff, customer or teams – instantly and reliably with messages that get through at the right time, every time.

SMS for insurance

Improvements to your marketing strategy, operational efficiency and customer service via SMS can really improve the bottom line.

SMS competitions

With SMS competitions, everyone wins. You benefit from of an engaged audience, while your customers get the chance to win!

SMS CRM integration

Customer-centric businesses everywhere are quickly integrating SMS into their CRM software for best results.


Understaffed shifts affect customer service. Combat absenteeism with SMS staff rostering services.

Bulk SMS solutions

Our easy-to-use SMS services mean you can reliably and quickly send bulk SMS messages locally and around the world.

Marketing campaigns

SMS text marketing delivers better results, faster, and is more cost-effective than other communication methods.