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What do customers really think about SMS 

When taking on any new communication tool or marketing method, it’s important that you first understand whether your customers will engage in it. Is it something they’ve experienced before? If they have, have they enjoyed it? Do they prefer it? While a business might see the benefits of SMS, as well as the general advantages text messaging can bring to you, it’s critical that you explore the current customer attitudes to your weapon of choice.

While the general statistics consistently prove that SMS is opened, read and acted upon and that customers prefer SMS, but let’s dive deeper. Unlike email inboxes, your phone isn’t flooded with similar spam communications making any received messages more significant. According to a Forbes report, 76% of consumers report they are more likely to read a communication if it comes via SMS, instead of email. 

In 2019, we conducted a global consumer study in which we asked more than 3000 consumers across Australia, US, UK and NZ about their SMS habits and experiences when they came into contact with SMS.  

We found that: 

What do customers think about SMS MessageMedia Consumer Attitudes Report Results Global

  • 61% Aussies find SMS appointment reminders and booking confirmations useful
  • 60% Kiwis visited store after receiving an SMS from them 
  • 87% Brits open up SMS when received
  • 65% Americans admit SMS gets their attention over email/app alerts
  • Plus so much more!

What do your customers really think about SMS? 

Find out all this and more, in our 2019 consumer attitudes report. It’s free.

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Final thoughts, and further reading  

Now that everyone’s on board, what’s left but to get started sending SMS? Wait, there are a number of things you may need to prepare before you can send your first SMS broadcast, including: