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Top 3 industries adopting mobile communications for their business

The digital revolution has touched every industry, in big and small ways. Being ahead of the curve with online and mobile technology has worked wonders for particular industries that are well-suited to the personal, immediate and convenient nature of SMS communication.

Here’s a rundown of the top industries where SMS marketing and comms are making a difference to clients, customers, and the bottom line.

1. Health industry

Health management has benefited hugely from the organisational advantages of SMS messaging.

Texts can be scheduled hours, days and weeks in advance, to bring personalised care right to your patient’s phone and reduce no-shows, forgotten medication or delayed check-ups.

SMS can also be used within clinics and hospitals to deliver timely information to staff in an instant.

Health industry SMS can be used for:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Scheduled reminders for check-ups and seasonal shots
  • Reminders to take or refill medication
  • Delivering information to staff

2. Retail and ecommerce

It has never been harder for retailers to snare eyeballs and purses, which is why SMS is so useful as a driver to get customers into stores and spending. Whether through a webstore or brick-and-mortar outlet, SMS messaging can be scheduled so customers get information on sales or deals at just the right time to buy.

Retail and ecommerce SMS can be used for:

  • Alert customers to special sales events, driving in-store traffic
  • Time-dependent marketing campaigns
  • Up-to-the-minute package tracking notifications
  • Sending coupons via shortened URLs

3. Financial services

One of the biggest advantages of SMS – direct personal connection – is the reason why the technology has been so useful for the financial services industry. Sending information and alerts directly to a client’s phone means improved security: two-factor authentication to prevent account breaches, up-to-the-minute account activity information and potential fraud warnings.

The financial services industry is built on trust. Improved security and communication solidify that relationship.

Financial services SMS can be used for:

  • Notifying customers about low balances, late fees and other account information
  • Providing two-factor authorisation, increasing the security of online accounts
  • Informing customers of potentially suspicious account activity

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