17 October 2018

Have you experienced too many SMS outages lately?

Operational outages affecting critical activities such as communications to your customers can not only be frustrating, but they can also have negative financial impacts. If your business relies on time-sensitive communications such as SMS to your customers, can you afford your provider having an outage or going down?

The number one consideration when choosing your SMS provider is reliability. All too often, providers don’t have the technology in place to ensure your message is delivered on time, every time.

MessageMedia can confidently guarantee 99.95 percent uptime

As a leading Australian SMS provider, we have invested millions in state-of-the-art infrastructure that we ensure is kept up-to-date and we completely understand.

To ensure your business continuity we have also:

  • Built mirrored sites in separate data centres;
  • Set up multiple redundant pathways, both to the internet and in our Tier One links to the nation’s telcos;
  • Developed automatic rollover processes in the event of a telco outage; and
  • Sought input from PricewaterhouseCoopers, BAE Systems, Capgemini and Amazon Web Services to design best-of-breed systems and processes for our secure SMS gateway.

We follow best practice approaches to continuity and have established clear policies and standards, all based on ISO22301 and NFPA1600.

In addition we have:

  • Developed and validated processes and systems;
  • Addressed planning, implementation and operations;
  • Eliminated single points of failure by installing extensive system-wide redundancies and fail-over;
  • Set up performance assessments, management reviews and continuous improvement programs; and
  • Run business impact analyses to understand the effects of business disruption, and if a weak point is ever detected, we fix it. We follow Deming’s Plan-Do-Check-Act model to keep our continuity plan in perfect shape.

How we manage risk

We understand that you are risk averse, and that too much is at stake to take chances with your operations. So we’ve built our business to eliminate the risk to yours by:

  • Investing millions in high performance, high speed state-of-the-art technologies and processes;
  • Creating business continuity programs to ensure things keep running;
  • Installing multiple redundant elements into our system so there’s no single point of failure;
  • Working to industry standards including the all-important ISO31000; and
  • Building secure SMS gateways to keep your data safe.

That’s why we’re trusted by federal government departments and major corporate enterprises.

Can your messaging provider guarantee its uptime to 99.95 per cent?

If your SMS gateway provider just doesn’t quite cut the mustard, you’ve dealt with one too many outages, or the trust just isn’t there any more, contact us.

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