25 June 2018

How SMS automation can improve your business communication

Today’s business is all about connectivity, be it between friends, employees, departments, your customers or prospects.

Backed by the latest technology, it’s the 24 x 7 business ecosystem, that has increased the pressure of performance. Phone calls and emails will always be present in our day-to-day communication but SMS can be a far less intrusive way to communicate with people.

Traditional communication remains strong but the uptake of social messaging continues. Communicating through ‘traditional’ means is still the most represented function of the mobile world; SMS (90%) and standard voice (79%) are the predominant services used to communicate with others.

The Australian mobile consumer is more active than last year on ‘non-traditional’ communication channels. Smartphone users across all age groups are more actively using social networks (52% versus 44% in 2014), instant messaging (IM) (42% versus 25% in 2014) and multimedia messaging service (MMS) (33% versus 25% in 2014).

Consumers are also experiencing a convergence of services, with social media platforms now offerings IM, news articles and short videos directly into personal feeds, and so adding to the increasing consumption of data and our need for speed. The only way to engage with consumers 24×7 is through automation. Deloitte Mobile Customer Survey

The advantages of SMS automation

It’s the mobility era!

In Google’s own words, it’s the year of mobile. We live busier lives now and are constantly on our phones. Mobile usage has increased year on year and that trend continues to go up. A study by Deloitte found that we collectively glance at our phones 440 million times a day.

That’s where SMS automation comes in. You can record, analyse and respond to your customers’ queries when they need the answer. With automation, you can set up reminders on specific workflows that will help you to connect with your customers even on a personal level. For example, wishing your customer a happy birthday and extending a special offer as a gift.

The best part of automation is that it can reduce the time and resource load on your organisation. Automation allows your staff to better spend their time on more productive tasks that would gain a higher ROI on your business rather than on time-consuming tasks, like manually sending multiple text messages to several different clients. For example, a business can automate appointment/booking confirmations with clients via SMS.

Devising an SMS message

When it comes to devising an SMS message for SMS automation, a good rule of thumb is to ensure the following:

  • The SMS message is clear and easy to follow
  • The message contains a clear call-to-action
  • The message contains an option for the receiver (consumer/client) to unsubscribe from receiving the SMS message

These are just some basic points to remember when crafting an SMS Message. See our previous post here on 8 golden rules for crafting a winning text message.

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