26 February 2019

Short URLs for more cost-effective and professional messages

MessageMedia is delighted to launch a new feature for SMS: short URLs. This feature enables customers to shorten URLs to just 22 characters, which provides a host of benefits – not least of all savings in the cost of your messaging send.

Why send a short URL?

Use your characters more wisely

Get greater value out of your messages by including a link to more information. One SMS message only includes 160 characters, but adding a short URL link allows you to redirect customers quickly and easily to a web page for more information.

Alternatively, you might be wasting characters by including an opt-out link to meet privacy legislation that requires all SMS messages include this facility. Now you can shorten the link to just 22 characters, meeting your legislative requirements and making best use of the remaining characters. (See image at the top of this blog for an example.)

Reduce costs

Save on the cost of your send with shorter messages, eliminating the risk (and cost) of multiple messages that can really add up.

Professional look and service

Short URLs not only appeal more to readers, but they don’t look spammy with a cleaner, more professional appearance.

It’s seamless

Your URLs are shortened as they are processed – there’s no separate procedure required. Once the feature is switched on, everything happens seamlessly and automatically in the background.


As your needs grow with greater numbers of messages, the short URLs feature scales with you. Even links within bulk SMS sends are automatically and reliably shortened.

Streamline your suppliers

Instead of an account with an individual supplier for your shortened links, streamline the process by consolidating this with your messaging provider.


With the short URLs feature, the same high performance and reliability is applied to your SMS messages as they pass through our SMS gateway.

Get started

Find out more about short URLs.

Short URLs are available for new MessageMedia web portal accounts, and REST API and SMPP accounts. Contact support to enable short URLs!

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