24 April 2018

The power of SMS: A two-way conversation with your customers

Think about the most recent SMS you received from a business or an organisation. The alert made you check your phone or smart watch – they certainly got your attention, but did any of them ask you to respond?

SMS isn’t a replacement for email marketing, it’s a channel where a more informal conversation can flourish. The challenge for consumers is that their smartphones are now their personal communicators and entertainers. There’s also plenty of content that’s jostling for their attention. A one-way SMS that presents an offer is great, but it may not engage or drive an action to check out the offer in greater detail.

For most businesses, SMS is seen as an excellent tool to generate leads, provide updates to features and services for existing customers, gain feedback and NPS scores and try to win back disengaged customers. While each of these have their place within an effective customer engagement strategy, many businesses are focused too heavily on customer engagement metrics and missing the simplest part of engagement.

Why not start a conversation?

Businesses are becoming better and better with customer segmentation. A fantastic opportunity for businesses is to win back previously-lost customers – they already know your brand, were happy with your service but something went wrong along their journey. Most attempt these recoveries with a ‘we miss you’ offer of a deep discount on a return purchase. But what if instead, a conversation was started by a member of the business with the customer to simply and openly ask them what went wrong?

Marketers have never had better products for analysing website user behaviour, cart abandonment and demographic data. These tools make it easier than ever to identify trends with vast repositories of quantitative data to educate the next decision.

Have we forgotten the power of qualitative feedback?

Qualitative feedback is no longer driven through door-knocking and clipboard wielding university students walking miles a day to find customers who are familiar with your brand. Today we seek qualitative feedback using tools that allows customers to be relaxed and honest with their insight, then use that data with sentiment assessment tools to provide summary and detail information.

Track conversations with MessageMedia

MessageMedia’s products are loved by tens of thousands of businesses to start and continue these conversations each day. Our range of simple to use APIs allow your applications to include identifying information that help you trace replies to the right record.

Watch how each reply elegantly threads back against the correct outbound message by getting your developer to sign up for a free account today.

Want to drive greater engagement by having a two-way conversation with your customers? Get in touch to find out how.

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