12 February 2020

How do Americans feel about SMS marketing?

SMS has a long and successful history in the marketing mix for its simplicity and ability to deliver strong ROI. And with 90 percent of SMS messages opened within the first 90 seconds, it’s safe to say that more businesses will be leveraging the channel going forward.

But what do the recipients actually think about receiving business texts? We recently asked 1000 Americans on their sentiment towards SMS in our research “Consumer Attitudes to Business SMS” and “The Future of SMS” and this is what we found.

SMS messaging has strong open rates

In a highly saturated market, 81 percent of respondents in our research reported that they open a business SMS and a further 65 percent agree that an SMS message from a business is more likely to get their attention than email or an app notification.

SMS messaging drives strong action

The research also reveals Americans take action after receiving a business SMS. For retailers, in particular, more than half (63 percent) of consumers noted they have visited a store in person or online after receiving a business SMS. For smaller enterprises, such as hairdressers or local GPs, nearly half (46 percent) of consumers find it useful to receive a reminder about an appointment or a booking confirmation via SMS.

Americans find SMS engaging

Ease, convenience and visual appeal are key factors contributing to consumers’ attitudes towards SMS marketing. According to the research, 47 percent of US respondents believed that next-gen messaging protocol Rich Communications Services (RCS) looked like an appealing platform to use. Through integrated SMS marketing, businesses can elevate marketing strategies by creating interactive app-like experiences that generate high engagement among consumers.

The future of messaging is bright

With the prevalence of business SMS messages being sent every day, new and exciting ways to communicate via SMS are being created to further enhance the consumer experience. Nearly seven in ten US consumers (69 percent) reported that they would be more likely to respond to a message if it was delivered via a richer messaging option such as MMS, RCS or mobile landing pages. Leveraging more engaging ways to target consumers as opposed to the standard text message will work a treat to build strong brand equity and positively impact your business and improve ROI.

Want to know more? Download the full copy of MessageMedia’s reports, “Getting the messaging: Consumer attitudes to business SMS”, and “A technology in evolution: The future of business SMS”.

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