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4 unique ways companies are using business SMS services

MessageMedia knows it is important to create memorable experiences for customers, and to differentiate your business from competitors. A way of doing this is by implementing SMS services for business. While business SMS service can be utilized for many purposes, however, this post explains how businesses who utilize SMS services can enhance their SMS traffic by using quirky and innovative ways to send SMS messages to consumers.

1. Virtual gifts

MessageMedia has noticed that the advancement of technology has led to the introduction of receiving gifts virtually through SMS. There have been some examples of companies using this business SMS service strategy. Brit Tammeorg from Text Magic explained that a business called Kango Gift uses business SMS, to create a virtual gift card that is sent via text message to customers. This enables users to use their mobile device as a gift card rather than use a physical card.

Similarly Carl Krumins from Australian Anthill stated that the American mobile phone carrier company AT&T partnered with a florist company, to give users the ability of sending a free virtual bouquet of flowers to their partner or loved one. Users who were subscribed to AT&T were in the draw to win a $50 gift card if they followed the link created by the company to send the virtual flowers. MessageMedia believes that as society is becoming more technologically advanced it is vital for businesses to notice this trend of mobile behavior.

2. Emergency services for the deaf and hearing impaired

SMS is now being used as a tool for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals who are in an emergency and who are seeking emergency services. The business SMS service enables users who are deaf or hearing impaired to send an SMS which includes the triple zero number, the particular emergency and the exact address or location of the emergency to the NRS computer system. A report on deaf people communicating explained that this information from the SMS is then connected to triple zero and then the call is transmitted via computer or telephone to the deaf or hearing-impaired individual who needs the service.

3. SMS messaging to blood donors

Jon Stone from the Independent explains how blood donors in Sweden are being notified via SMS when their blood is being used to potentially save a life. This initiative encourages donor’s to donate again, so that they can experience the feeling of saving another individual’s life.

4. SMS polling

Alexa Lemzy from ‘Business 2 Community’ explains how SMS polling is an effective way to generate feedback and opinions on how a company is performing. For a company like Message Media, it gives the opportunity for employees to assess their workplace and to voice any concerns they have, and as it is anonymous they are able to feel protected when answering questions.

Ultimately, these particular ways of using SMS can be used to either help individuals or bring them feelings of joy. Message Media pride themselves on abiding by both of those factors when creating concepts for businesses.

We also believe it is an important factor of business SMS service to think of new and innovative ways to use SMS services because, as seen by these examples it can be a really beneficial source when trying to attract customers to a business.